London Fashion Week hair:
ghd x Eugene Souleiman

Go behind the scenes and be inspired by the London Fashion Week hair created by ghd and Eugene Souleiman.

For Preen’s LFW show, Wella and ghd fashion week hair ambassador Eugene Souleiman added an aquatic aesthetic to the always effortless and romantic collection. Known for combining hard and soft textures, this season Preen turned to tailored scuba wear mixed with floating florals for the clothing inspiration.

Eugene emulated the raw textures of the fabrics in the collection with a catwalk hair look that is imperfectly perfect. “This look is about enhancing imperfections and not torturing the hair, allowing it to do more of what it wants to do.” - Eugene Souleiman

“The inspiration for the hair is sea anemones. We want the girls to look like they’re in water, with their hair looking otherworldly – like it is floating with zero gravity. We’re putting glitter in their hair so it’s glistening.” Eugene Souleiman

There was no one hair look or approach. The end result was achieved by working with each model’s natural hairstyle, creating effortless texture with just a touch of product to enhance the end look.


“It’s all about your hands, it’s not about a brush or a comb – it’s hair that you can touch with a soft stringy texture that’s octopus-like.” Eugene explains.

Working closely with the Preen styling team, the hair was left tucked into the clothes and Eugene styled it once the girls were dressed to create a fluid look. It was perhaps one of the simplest fashion week hair looks we spotted but also one of the most effective. Without the use of brushes and combs before the catwalk, hair was left looking undone, inkeeping with the natural influence in the clothes.

“The texture of the hair is grungy and uncombed with natural movement. We want it to have a feeling of haste and speed, like it’s been done quickly – not too controlled or glamourous. It’s broken, but in a very beautiful way. There are subtle nuances and touches that make it work and make it feel a bit more unusual.”

Eugene used styling tools to create soft waves which tumbled down from under the scuba caps.

“For some of the girls we’re adding movement with the ghd gold® styler and the ghd curve® classic curl tong. We’re doing pieces of hair, not the whole head, so it doesn’t feel too done. There’s a real beauty to it, it’s angelic and soft.”

As a final touch, glitter was softly blown onto the models’ hair to add an aquatic sheen that emulated the makeup look, catching the light as they walked on the runway.

How to create soft waves

Play copycat with this fashion show hair and create these natural looking waves at home. All you need is a curling tong - then gently wrap random strands of hair around this and tease the curls out with your fingers. Be inspired by our tousled hair look and follow the step by step guide to get wavy hair.

There’s no need to worry about sectioning hair and striving for a perfect finish, style without structure to help in creating this undone hairstyle. Add a little glitter to your roots and recreate Eugene’s London Fashion Week hair - perfect for party hair or a festival in the summer.




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