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Grown Up Embellishment

Showcasing individuality and personality has never been easier – let accessories and embellishments do the talking. For your next straight hairstyle, express unique style by adorning your hair with clips, pins and bands bespoke to your look. Hair tapestry is current and cool, so take your straight hair from dull to decorated and escape the norm with grown up embellishments.

Get that tongue-in-cheek style and find out how to straighten hair to add in accessories, keeping you looking cool and confident this spring/summer.  


Select the products you need to recreate the look at home, with Shop the Look. The simple way to shop and style like a ghd Pro.


Step one

Prepare the hair using the ghd straight and smooth spray to create a straighter and smoother base whilst protecting from heat damage.

Step two

Starting at the nape, blow dry the hair using ghd air® hairdryer and ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3. Work in 1-inch horizontal sections directing the air flow away from the root towards the ends of the hair. 

TIP: Keep the ends of the hair wrapped around the brush for a few seconds and use the cool shot button to set the hair into the shape of the brush, to achieve a soft bevelled finish.

Step three

Using the ghd platinum+ styler, create a high shine finish and bevel the ends by rotating the styler 90⁰ downwards towards the head.

Step four

Place the accessories intricately into your desired areas to finish the look and add some sparkle.

TIP: Keep the accessories to the side of the head and gathered around eye level

Don’t go for perfection with this look - a little mismatching style and a collection of different pins will add to the drama and glamour of this look. Keep all the clips on one side of your head and don’t worry about spreading out evenly, to create a much more edgy look.  

Adorn your locks with glittering, colourful pins or make a statement with a gold feature clip – whichever style you choose, hair accessories can enhance your look. Discover how to include these stunning extras into your straight hairstyle with the help of this ghd guide.



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