Best of Summer Hairstyles 2019

Hair trends have taken centre stage this year, with styles and colours that celebrate both the beauty of our natural selves, and the artistry of stylists.

Show off your skill with a styler, or master the art of the blow-dry for a new, perfectly on-trend, everyday look.

Whether you want a low maintenence look, or something that will turn heads, get inspired for a summer of beautiful hair.

Wavy Lob

Keep it cool with a wavy lob; what you lack in length make up for in volume. Create gentle waves and kinks with the ghd platinum+ styler for texture and shine. Frame your face by curling the front sections away from the face and alternate your curls for a tousled finish.

Image: @pamhetlinger

Blush Pink

These rosy hues are a serious hair goal. Whether you opt for a beautiful balayage, a temporary frosting or a full-headed dye, rock a pretty in pink look this summer. Add a gentle curl using the ghd curve® soft curl tong to achieve your ultimate dream hair.

Relaxed Waves

These beachy waves are go-to for guaranteed glam and a cool-girl favourite. Use the rounded barrel of the ghd gold® styler to create the curls and then dress out with the detangling comb. Dress them down or dress them up, you can't go wrong with these easy loose waves.

70s Shag

Reviving an iconic 70s vibe, the shag is one for you curly-haired queens. This layered look is designed to frame your face with curls, working with your natural volume and texture. Work damp hair with ghd root lift spray, then reach for the ghd air® diffuser to gently blow dry your hair and encourage your curls.

The Blow-Dry

This year's lived-in hair trend, as seen on the catwalks, is fully inclusive and the perfect way to celebrate your natural beauty. Prep damp hair with a product that will compliment the natural temperament of your locks, then work the ghd air® hair dryer to shape. This may take a little bit of experimenting to find out what works for you, but once mastered it is the ultimate low maintenance look.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are making a fierce come back this season, and we're so here for it. Elevate your everyday pony with a scarf or statement scrunchie to tie your outfit together. The best thing about this trend? Its so versatile! You can tailor it your unique style and still look perfectly on trend.

Mushroom Blonde

The latest hair colour trend to be taking Instagram by storm, mushroom blonde is an easy way for blondes and brunettes to play with their colour. Whether you want to keep your colour lighter or darker, make these ashy tones your own and be a trend setter this summer.

The Wet-Look

Hair product is the secret to a wet-look that will take your beach hair from day to night. Apply ghd total volume foam liberally to your hair, using the product to shape your style as you dry. Fix with ghd final fix spray to ensure your style lasts all night long.



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