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How-to Hairstyles:
Up and at 'em beehive

Bring vintage style to your look. Create a bouffant beehive hair updo without the hassle, with the ghd how-to guide.  

Nothing says glamour like a timeless updo. Choose the beehive as your next updo and create a classic style that will be sure to impress. Vintage and vogue, this easy updo is perfect for whatever the occasion - whether it’s a day in the office or a night out with the girls, maximise style with your hair up.

Don’t compromise on quality when creating your beehive. Get guilt-free styling with the ghd curve® soft curl tong, curling hair at the optimum temperature for healthier, stronger and shinier hair***. Give your updo that voluminous boost with the ghd root lift spray, and spritz the finished look with ghd final fix hairspray for a long-lasting style.

Learn the style secrets to create this beehive hair updo that will see you through party season and beyond.

How to create a beehive updo

1. Spray damp hair with root lift spray

2. Blow dry product in

3. Flat wrap hair around curling tong

4. Pin curl at root and cool

5. Undo each section and backcomb

6. Twist hair into a chignon

7. Spray with final spray

step one: Spray damp hair with root lift spray

Prepare the damp hair with ghd root lift spray, ensuring an even spread across the entire head. 

step two: Blow dry product in

Blow dry the root lift spray into the hair using a ghd air® hairdryer and a ghd ceramic brush. This will help you build a voluminous hair updo.  

step three: Flat wrap hair around curling tong

Once the hair is dry, flat wrap a section of hair around ghd curve® soft curl tong for 5-8 seconds. 

step four: Pin curl at root and cool

Pin the curled hair at the root and leave to cool.

step five: Undo each section and backcomb

After the hair has cooled, undo each pinned section and lightly backcomb with a ghd narrow dressing brush at the root to create volume for your updo. 

step six: Twist hair into a chignon

Brush the hair away from the face and twist it up into a chignon.

step seven: Spray with final spray

To make sure your beehive updo stays in place through the day and night, finish by spritzing the hair with ghd final fix hairspray.





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