How-to hairstyles: casual pony

Ponytail hairstyles are the perfect remedy for a quick morning routine. Learn how to achieve a quick, super casual, textured look with ghd and ELLE.

Achieve maximum style with minimum effort with this gorgeous casual pony. A quick fix for when you’re short of time, this ponytail hairstyle epitomises effortless chic.

Choose texture, lift and flair to give this timeless look a futuristic edge. The casual pony is your ticket to achieving a catwalk-inspired look that you can create yourself.

Salon-style quality is guaranteed with ghd, allowing your cute and easy updo to be the centre of attention. Create a voluminous base with the ghd platinum+ styler, giving your hair the boost it needs to be ushered into an updo. To keep your ponytail hairstyle looking buoyant all day, spritz with ghd final fix spray for a firm hold, keeping the movement.

We’ve teamed up with ELLE to create this stunning look. Create the casual pony, perfect for any occasion, by following our easy how-to.

Here’s how to get a volumised casual ponytail

1. Use a styler to create curls

2. Loosen up the texture and add product

3. Create the ponytail

4. Tousle the final style to perfect

step one: Curl hair with a styler

Use the ghd platinum+ styler to create tumbling curls. Start by taking 1-inch sections of hair then, starting from the root, rotate the styler clockwise 180° and glide down the hair for around an inch, then flip it back on itself. Keep alternating until you reach the end of the hair, creating defined texture.

Tip: Prep hair beforehand with ghd heat protect spray with UV protection, to reduce damage and shield hair from the heat during styling.

step two: Loosen up the texture and add product

Once all the hair is curled, section it horizontally in two. Use the ghd oval dressing brush to gently tease small sections of hair at the root and pump up the volume. As you go, spritz locks with ghd final fix spray to secure the extra body, using your fingers to gently scrunch hair at the roots to create more volume.

step three: Create the ponytail

Create the ponytail, keeping it low and to the side. Gather all of your hair in your hands and loosely pull to one side of your head. Use one hand to gently smooth the rest of the hair in place, then secure with a hair tie.

Tip: Tilt the head back while you secure the ponytail – it keeps hair from bagging underneath.

step four: Tousle the final style to perfect

Take small sections of the ponytail and use your fingers to gently loosen the hair for added texture and volume. Do the same around the front of the face, loosening tendrils to create a softer, more effortless finish. Finalise your style by misting all over with ghd final fix hairspray.

Your beauty regime just got easier - this casual ponytail hairstyle is all about effortless glamour and can be mastered in minutes. If you’ve got time to spare, play around with accessories and take the look even further. Try an embellished slide above the ear, an oversized scrunchie or a simple velvet ribbon

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