How to Create a Chic Ponytail | ghd Hairstyle Tutorial

Up your hair game with a chic ponytail,featuring a detailed double tail and delicate wraparound finish.

Combining practicality with timeless style,ponytails are a go to for a quick and easy updo. With the help of ghd, you can take this everyday look to the next level, when you create a detailed double pony with a straight and smooth finish. It’s the perfect hairstyle to take you from day to night. With the range of ghd styling essentials in your arsenal, you’ll know how to get the perfect ponytail in no time.

Add a little volume to hair before you start, with a quick spritz of ghd root lift spray onto damp hair, then use the ghd max styler to create a smooth, sleek finish. The wider plates mean your ponytail will be straight and glossy in seconds, a god send for long or thick hairstyles. The ghd final fix hairspray ensures any frizz or fly-aways don’t come out to play once you’re done and hair stays shiny, spritz this over your final look to secure everything in place.

Whether it’s for work, play or to see you through the night, here’s how to create this chic look.

Here’s how to get a detailed ponytail

1. Separate hair into three sections.

2. Create a ponytail and secure in place

3. Make your second ponytail

4. Merge the two ponytails

5. Create a smooth final look

6. Use your ghd styler for a sleek style

step one: Separate hair into three sections

Find your natural parting and ensure it’s perfectly straight, with the help of the ghd tail comb. Using your comb, place it at the crown of your head and brush hair backwards to create two sections on either side of your parting and one at the back.

step two: Create a ponytail and secure in place

Take the back section and smooth this into a ponytail, sitting around halfway down the back of your head, secure with a hair elastic.

step three: Make your second ponytail

Pull the two sections from your front parting to the back, positioning underneath your first ponytail. Smooth with a brush to create a sleek finish and then secure with a hair elastic. You should be left with two ponytails, one that sits high and one below it.

step four: Merge the two ponytails

Take the top ponytail and, creating a hole in the lower pony,push this through the lower one, then secure both together with a hair tie.

step five: Create a smooth final look

Take a small piece of hair from the full ponytail and wrap this around the elastic to disguise it, hold it in place underneath with a grip. Tame any flyaway strands with the ghd final fix hairspray.

step six: Use your ghd styler for a sleek style

Use your styler to smooth out the rest of your chic ponytail,getting rid of any kinks and creating a final glossy shine.

Now you know how to get the perfect ponytail, it’s time to rock it through the day and into the. For an extra detail, try adorning the style with a detailed hair tie or using fine fabric to tie around the base of the ponytail for added style.

Catwalk kit

To style this look you will need:

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