Perfectly polished elegant hairstyles | ghd hair advice

Achieve perfection every time with this elegant hairstyle guide from ghd.

Whether you have tickets for a prestigious event or are attending a black tie do, you want your hair to look as polished as your outfit. Discover these hairstyles, to inspire you when it comes to pulling together your look for that big day or night. You can easily achieve perfectly polished and elegant hairstyles, with the ghd styling kit.


The high society ponytail hairstyle isn't just your everyday ponytail. Pulled tight and worn high up on the crown, it’s an elegant hairstyle that makes one big swooshing statement. Ideally, this look works best on long locks for maximum impact, however you can fake it with a clip-in extension if your hair is shorter. The key to this trend is movement and a glossy texture. Blow-dry hair after adding volumising or texturising products, or add in a slight wave with a styler to create this effect.


Look back to the glamorous heroines of yesteryear for the inspiration behind this hair trend. Backcomb your hair for incredible volume to create an exaggerated shape, then smoot over to create an elegant hairstyle with an almost regal feel. To nail the polished perfection, make sure final styles are smoothed over and finished with product for a sleek, high shine final look. This is great occasion hairstyle inspiration to create something a bit different for your next event.


The topknot has been a hot updo trend for several seasons, but the new take on this look is to create an oversized knot, with an almost flattened finish. Where ballerina buns are perfectly spherical, the new shape sees a ring, or roll of hair that has been teased out until it has decreased in volume and increased in diameter for a super-sized finish. Don’t let any flyaways escape, use the ghd final fix hairspray to lock this elegant hairstyle in place for the whole day.


Country-luxe waves are all about creating healthy and glossy movement with this elegant hairstyle. Large 'almost' waves, create the curve throughout the hair which reflects the light for a polished feel. Blow-dry hair with some lift, you don't want it to fall straight and sleek, but with body and bounce. Tame any flyaways with a small amount of serum or ghd final shine spray to keep the look neat.

Whatever event you have in the diary, recreate one of these elegant hairstyles for a polished look day or night. Take some party hair inspiration for the looks, or try something different to add to your lookbook for future styling sessions.



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