Tousled hairstyles: How to create a Bardot-inspired look

Achieve enviable 60s glamour with this gorgeous Bardot-inspired messy hairstyle.

Tousled hair is all about carefree texture and a laidback attitude, something Brigitte Bardot had in abundance. We’ve used the beautiful 60s screen siren as our muse to create an eye-catching, messy hairstyle to add to your look book.

Whether you’re rocking the style for a themed party or are a lover of all things vintage, embrace this sultry dishevelled look. Pick up your styling tools and emanate the seductive style of the golden-era of fashion with this guide to curly, messy hair.


1. Prep your locks with product

2. Blow dry hair

3. Work curl product throughout locks

4. Create your curls

5. Repeat throughout

6. Brush your curls out

7. Tease your locks

8. Pin up your top section

step one: Prep your locks with root lift spray
Spray damp locks at the root with ghd root lift spray. This will help to create long-lasting volume in your hair.

step two: Blow dry hair
Using the ghd air® hairdryer and the ghd ceramic vented radial brush, blow dry your tresses. Place the brush under a section of hair and, with the flow of air facing downwards, fashion it into a bouncy, straight style.

step three: Work ghd curl hold spray throughout locks
Generously spray your hair with ghd curl hold spray to help create firm, sculpted curls.

step four: Create your curls
Starting about two inches from your roots, wrap a 2 inch section of hair around your ghd curve® soft curl tong and leave for 5-8 seconds before releasing the bouncing twist.

step five: Repeat throughout
Create the curls throughout your hair, alternating the direction of the curl, until you have a full head of sculpted curls.

Tip: Ensure the curls at the front of your head are facing away from your face, to help create Bardot glamour.

step six: Brush your curls out
Transform your curls into soft, lustrous waves by gently brushing through your hair with the ghd oval dressing brush.

step seven: Tease your locks
Once you have a full head of soft, glamorous waves, take a section of hair from the centre of your crown, about four inches wide. With the ghd tail comb, backcomb this section from the back to add volume.

Tip: Spray the section with ghd final fix hairspray to lock the volume in for longer.

step eight: Pin your top section up and back
Take the ends of this section and twist around completely, then pin into place at the back of your head, concealing the pin within your locks.

Exude timeless glamour and vintage elegance with this step-by-step guide to tousled hair. With this look in your styling repertoire, you’ll be ready wow in gorgeous screen siren style.

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