How to create perfect wavy hairstyles

Style your way to hair perfection with these effortless wavy hairstyles and include the ultimate laidback addition to your look-book.

A coveted hairdo on the catwalk and a big hit on the streets, wavy hair isn’t only super-hot – it’s totally achievable. Embrace every curve of wavy hairstyles and unearth a sea of styling possibilities.

Master the waves to achieve glamorous loose curls and messy tousled tresses with this guide to must-know wavy hairstyles.

Glamour Waves

Glamour waves


Create deep glamorous waves and perfectly sculpted movement in your hair for a luxurious style. Introduce this look and put a sophisticated spin on your wave repertoire.

Party Waves

Party waves


Big, bold wavy hairstyles are a must to make an impression for your next event. Add eye-catching volume and head-turning waves to your party hair skill set for a little extra strut in your step.

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves

For a rippling waterfall of magical locks, create a mane of mermaid waves. This is the ultimate effortless style to introduce siren-worthy sass into your wavy hairstyle go-tos.

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves

Sultry, soft and glamorous - Hollywood waves will add another layer of luxury to your hair. Create this lavish wavy hairstyle at home, with the help of your ghd curve® classic wave wand.

Beach Waves

Beach waves

Natural and cascading, textured beachy waves will add an easy-going vibe to your look. Achieve tousled hair perfection and turn up the volume with this irresistibly bohemian wavy hairstyle.

Flat Waves

Flat waves

A straightforward wavy hairstyle with stunning results, this look is a quick and easy way to introduce waves into your hair. Embrace curves and kinks in all directions and transform your styling routine with this strong look.

Let waves be the answer to your laid-back styling dreams. Get creative and be converted to the versatility, glamour and effortlessness of these stunning wavy hairstyles.


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