Emanate effortless elegance with a half up bridal hairstyle from ghd.  

Bridal updos don’t need to be twisted knots and intricate plaits to impress on the big day. For the bohemian brides, the half updo is the perfect choice. This style will sweep your hair up and off your face for a natural look, whilst giving you the freedom of loose, flowing locks.

We took inspiration from hair stylist Mara Roszak, who has worked with huge stars, including actress Brie Larson, creating stunning hairstyles for red carpets and catwalks alike.

Brie Larson’s Oscar hair is the perfect example of half up, half down wedding hair. Her locks are elegantly pulled away from the face, while the rest of her tresses remain loose, for a soft final look.

Mara talked about what inspired the style: "Brie wore a gorgeous, royal blue, custom Gucci dress. I wanted her hair to have a celestial but fresh look to complement the dress. We did a modern half-up, half-down style."

With the help of your ghd kit, you can bring this look to life yourself. To show you how, we’ve created a step by step guide on how to achieve this bridal half-updo.

How to create half up, half down
wedding hairstyle

1. Blow dry for volume

2. Use your styler to straighten hair

3. Create loose curls

4. Brush out your curls

5. Twist and pin hair

6. Finish with hairspray

step one: Blow dry for volume
With hair damp, take your ghd ceramic radial brush size 2 and selecet a two-inch section of hair at the root. Angle your ghd air® hair dryer downwards, whilst moving the brush and the dryer from root to ends. Repeat throughout hair.

TIP: Before any heat styling, protect the hair with the ghd heat protect spray to save the hair from heat damage.

step two: Use your styler to straighten hair
Once your locks are dry, tackle any remaining kinks with the ghd platinum+ styler. Taking a one-inch section of hair, place the styler at the root and glide through to the ends. This step will help create glistening shine in your final look.

step three: Create loose curls
Using the ghd curve® classic curl tong, take a two-inch section of hair and wrap around the barrel of the styler. Hold for five-eight seconds for a defined curl. Repeat this throughout your locks.

step four: Brush out your curls 
Use the ghd oval dressing brush to gently brush out your curls, to create beautiful, soft waves. Add extra shine with a little ghd smooth & finish serum on the middle and ends of the hair.

step five: Twist and pin hair
Take a one-inch section of hair from your parting at the front of your hair. Pull it to the side, and twist it in inwards, directing it to the back of your head. Pull it back and pin it to the back of your head, using your hair to conceal the pins as you go. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: Mara added fabric to the twists in Brie Larson’s hair to create a fun splash of colour. Add colours to match your wedding theme, or weave in fresh flowers to add more detail.

Step six: Finish with hairspray
Secure your hairstyle in place with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray to keep your style in place until after the final dance.

Simple, refined and romantic, this bridal hairstyle is so easy to recreate and will look amazing, from the morning right to the end of the night. Fashion this style yourself and achieve an elegant, yet boho twist on your look with this step-by-step guide from ghd.

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