Adam Reed's Royal Wedding
Hair Predictions

ahead of the big day on 19th May 2018

With the royal wedding fast approaching, ghd global brand ambassador, Adam Reed, gives us his predictions on what is set to be the most famous hairstyle of the year. Plus, inspiration on how to recreate the look for your own big day.

As well as what we might be seeing in the coming week, Zoe Irwin, ghd UK brand ambassador also advises on how to prep your hair before your big day with tips, tricks and inspiration.

"I’m predicting a soft tousled wave with a modern accessory, but definitely not a crown!”

- Adam Reed, ghd global brand ambassador

Get the look: Royal Waves

● Starting at the back of the head, take an angled section from the top of ear to nape. Place the ghd gold® styler in pure gold at the root following the angle of the section, close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the head.

● Glide the styler towards the ends, keeping the styler angled downwards.

● Repeat steps to complete back section working upwards to the crown – make sure that when styling both sides, the angle is in towards the nape.

● Repeat the technique on the sides keeping the same angle as the back. When you have reached the top, comb back your hair to reveal your natural parting and repeat the technique.

● Dress using the NEW ghd oval dressing brush and use ghd final shine spray. Then add an accessory as the finishing touch!

“I hope that she is going go for a loose and sexy hair look. She looks great with a loose wave and that’s how she has been wearing her hair recently so I think that’s what she will probably go for, but perhaps with a small accessory as the finishing touch.

I’d love to see her wearing a semi-down style, something that is really beautiful with a loose, modern texture."

- Adam Reed, ghd global brand ambassador

“I always advise brides not to use their wedding day as the time to totally change their hair look. If you always wear your hair down, wear it down on your wedding day too, as that is probably how you feel most comfortable and what suits your face. Go for a classic style that when you look back in 20 years’ time you are still happy that you choose that look - nothing too styled or trend-led. Always go for something classic and chic.”

– Adam Reed, ghd global ambassador

Wedding Hair Prep

“No matter whether you have a hairdresser or are styling your hair yourself, the key for any wedding look is to prep your hair in the months before. Make sure you start to apply regular treatments and masks, so that your hair is healthy and your style will hold throughout the day and evening. Use the ghd advanced split end therapy in the weeks leading up to your big day to help nourish and fortify damaged ends, leaving your hair feeling sleek, smooth and shiny.”

– Zoe Irwin, ghd UK ambassador


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