Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Be date night ready this Valentine's Day and wow that someone special with a beautiful lust-worthy hairstyle.

If you're looking for inspiration for the most romantic day of the year, ghd has you covered, taking your style from drinks to dancefloor.

Whether it's date number one or 100, there'll be no nerves where your hair is concerned. Whatever your plans may be, we're here to help with tips and ideas for looks that are sure to impress.

Textured short

Bring a dose of volume to your short hairstyle and create a look that's simple but effective. You'll turn heads wherever you go, whether it's a glamorous meal or something more casual. Let the ghd curve® creative curl wand work it's magic on your short style and feel the love in the room.

Pretty in plaits

If it's a stunning look you're after, this pretty half up half down do is perfect. Add a plait to tied back tresses for a boho-chic touch and brush out curls for added texture. Your other half won't be able to take their eyes off you this Valentine's Day when you flaunt this simple braid.

Relaxed straight

If poker straight locks aren't for you, try bevelling the ends to create a more relaxed look. Run the ghd platinum® styler through your hair and turn out at the bottom for a modern take on super straight tresses.

Tip: Mist the ghd oval dressing brush with ghd final fix hairspray and brush through hair to tame flyaways.

Vintage Waves

Image: @toitipants

Vintage waves

Turn up the glamour with this vintage hairstyle - channel your inner Grace Kelly and own the room. Pair with a red lip for a gorgeous sultry style - it's the perfect look for captivating your audience. Use the ghd curve® classic wave wand to create waves that'll last all night.

Braided headband

Say goodbye to awkward strands sticking to your lip gloss and keep hair out of your face, all while looking elegant and classy. This ethereal style will make a big impact and makes for the perfect date night style. Whatever your other half has in store, you're sure to win them over.

Look and feel your most beautiful this Valentine's Day and be inspired by these how-to's. Whether you have your hair up or down, make a big impact for your date. Let ghd be your guide and create Valentine's day hairstyles that will last all night.


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