Wavy Pixie

Beach Waves

With the ghd curve collection, creating gorgeous curls and waves has never been easier - the difficult part is choosing your favourite! Featuring new ultra-zone technology developed by our team of ghd scientists to leave you with healthier-looking curls that stay locked in; all day and night.

Beach please! The ghd curve® creative curl wand is the ultimate summer accessory. Creating Beach Waves for an ethereal, boho look is simple with the unique tapered barrel. Alternating the direction of your curls is what makes for perfectly imperfect ripples that appear natural and fresh from the seaside. Break up those waves with the ghd detangling comb and spritz with some hairspray for the ultimate beachy texture.

A staple look for any holiday or festival, make waves with ghd.


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Classic Curls

How to create Beach Waves

1. Prep hair with product

2. Section hair and wrap around wand

3. Curl next section in the opposite direction

4. Repeat technique around head

5. Curl front sections away from the face

6. Dress out with a comb

7. Spray hairspray onto hands and run through hair

8. Massage into hair

step one: Prep dry hair with ghd curl hold spray and distribute evenly through to ends

Step one: Prep hair with product

Liberally apply ghd root lift spray throughout hair roots.

step two: Twist wrap hair around a curling wand

Step two: Section hair and wrap around wand

Starting at the side of the head, take a vertical section above the ear. Place the ghd curve® creative curl wand under the hair and flat-wrap hair around the barrel. Hold for 5-8 seconds then release. Pull on the curl slightly to loosen the wave.

step three: Repeat technique up towards the parting

Step three: Curl next section in the opposite direction

Taking the next section of hair, place the wand above the hair to curl in the opposite direction – this will create texture throughout.

step four: Dress out curls with a paddle brush

Step four: Repeat technique around head

Repeat steps two and three throughout the head, remembering to alternate the direction of the curl.

Step five: Curl front sections away from the face

On the sections either side of the face, curl away from the face to sit correctly.

TIP: Start the curl slightly lower for more of a modern finish

Step six: Dress out with a comb

Once cool, comb through the hair using the ghd detangle comb to break up the waves.

Step seven: Spray hairspray onto hands and run through hair

Spray ghd final fix hair spray into your hand and run fingers through the hair to add hold.

Step eight: Massage into hair

Massage and rub spray into hair for extra shape and texture.


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