ghd technique:
Twist Wrap vs Flat Wrap

Get the curly hairstyle you're after, with our easy guide to the twist and wrap curling techniques.  

Don’t get your head in a mix when it comes to curling your hair – ghd technique is on hand help you find the best way to get that sought after movement in your locks. We’ve taken a look at the two core principles of curling hair, flat and twist wrapping, so you can perfect your curly hairstyles. 

what is the difference between flat wrap curling and twist wrap curling? 

Twist Wrap

“This technique involves working in smaller sections and will create a more definite wave, rather than a curl. To create this look ensure each section of hair is twisted when wrapping around the tong or wand, to create a spiral effect."

“This technique is great for thinner hair as it adds texture to the hair.”

 ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin.

How to twist wrap hair (left-hand side):

1. Place wand at top of section

2. Twist wrap hair around wand in twisted rope-like motion

3. Repeat 

Flat Wrap

“The flat wrap technique creates a wider and softer curl with lots of volume. For this technique I recommend using wider sections of hair and ensuring the hair is totally flat when it is wrapped around the tong or wand. The secret to this curl is keeping the hair wrapped flat against the curling tool, without twisting it at all."

“To keep the hair flat against the curling tong or wand, adjust your hands each time you go around the tool, otherwise the hair will naturally want to twist around the barrel. If you have finer hair and desire more volume, this curl type is for you!”

ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin.

How to flat wrap hair (right-hand side):

1. Place wand at top of section

2. Flat wrap hair around wand in a flat ribbon-like motion

3. Repeat 

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