Get started with your styler

Master your ghd styler to create perfect hair every day. From beautifully smooth styles to glamorous curls, watch our quick videos and read our tips to get you started

We’re updating our site and soon it’s going to be full of tips on creating great hair with your ghd styler and the rest of the ghd range, so please bear with us.

In the meantime, you can view all our videos demonstrating techniques and quick tips on YouTube, or see a selection of our favourites here. You'll also find some tips below to get you started styling like a pro. Happy hair days, here we come!

sharp & straight

Banish kinks and frizz with this technique for perfectly straight results.

sexy waves

Add some body and movement to your look with these pretty and easy waves.

seductive volume

Create body by using your styler – perfect for fine and flat hair.

Learn the basics

The best way to learn more about your styler is to experiment! However, here's some basic tips to see you on your way to hair perfection.


Perfect your technique according to your hair type
Your straightening technique will depend on your hair type. If your hair is thicker you may have to use the styler slightly slower through a section and repeat if necessary, if your hair is finer you’ll be able to move the styler quite quickly through your hair for great straight results. The more you use your styler the quicker you’ll learn what works for you.
Protect your hair
You should always protect your hair before using any heated appliance. Spritz ghd Style Heat Protect Spray liberally through wet hair before you use your hairdryer and styler to prevent heat damage.
Section & straighten
You’ll get the best straight results if you prep your hair with a product from the ghd Style Straightening range and then work through your hair in sections. You’ll need some sectioning clips to keep the hair you’re not working on out of the way. Start by using your styler on the hair at the nape of the neck and work through your hair section-by-section from the back, to the sides, and then the front. Once you straighten a section leave it loose, any hair you have clipped up should yet to be worked on.
Decide on your finish
The angle at which you use your styler will affect your finish. Tilt your styler towards your face as you approach the ends of your hair to turn them under, tilt the styler away from your face to flick them out. Move the styler straight down the section all the way to the end for a poker-straight finish.

Storing your styler
When your styler has cooled, fold the cord in the same way it was in the original packaging. Try to avoid winding it around your hand or the body of the styler or hanging your styler by its cord, as this can cause damage.

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