new hair now

Master a new take on waves or update your straight. Use our step-by-steps to style it like a pro, oh yeah

Venetian Venus

Conjure up a little romance with some undone waves. Pretty.

1. Foam Up

Starting with towel-dried hair, generously apply ghd Style Total Volume Foam throughout roots, lengths and ends and comb through to with the ghd Detangling Comb.

2. Dry In

Using your hairdryer, rough-dry the foam in to your hair, smoothing with the ghd Paddle Brush as you go. Creating this foundation will give longevity to your waves.

3. Finger Curl

Spritz hair all over with ghd Style Curl Hold Spray. Working from the back, take a small section and twist it anti-clockwise while wrapping around your fingers clockwise.

4. Pin & Set

Release the twisted hair into a pin curl then place in the ghd Gold Classic styler for 6 seconds. Pin the curl to the scalp to cool. Continue until all your hair is curled. When working with the curls either side of the parting don’t twist the curls right up to the root.

5. Wave

Allow the curls to completely cool, this will set them and give your style longevity. Once cool, begin letting the curls down from the back lower sections first, giving each a gentle backcomb at the root and gently twisting it in the opposite direction to release a beautiful wave.

6. Style & Set

Once all your pin curls are released, don’t be afraid to muss them up. Brush the roots and use your hairdryer to break up the set waves – the hair should look soft, touchable and not too done. Once you’re happy with your waves, set with a spritz of ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray.

future fetish

Cut the fuss and keep things slick, minimal and seriously straight this season.

1. Protect

Working with damp hair, apply ghd Style Heat Protect Spray evenly throughout the lengths and ends. This will protect your hair from the heat from your hairdryer and styler.

2. Product Prep

With your hair still damp, apply a couple of pumps of ghd Style Straight & Tame Cream to the full length of your hair. Extra long hair will probably need a little more product.

3. Part & Dry

With your ghd Tail Comb, create a centre parting. Using your hairdryer's airflow, train the roots flat to the scalp. Use the ghd Paddle Brush as you blow-dry to achieve a flat finish.

4. Start to Straighten

Once your hair is completely dry, working from the back, use the ghd Gold Max styler to straighten, section by section. Work with sections between 8-10 centimetres wide.

5. Straighten Lengths

Try to keep a light but steady tension from root to tip. Use the styler in one fluid movement along the lengths. This technique will ensure a perfectly smooth and straight result.

6. Smooth & finish

Mist the top of your hair with ghd Style Straight & Smooth Spray, then use only the top plate of the ghd Gold Max Styler to smooth away any flyaway hairs spoiling the finish.

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