Embracing a circular face and putting your best features forward is easy – perfectly complement your facial structure with these round face hairstyles.

A round face can be your best asset – just look at how they’ve gripped the fashion world in recent years. Soft, apple-cheeked structures have cast a freshness over the runways, bringing widespread appeal to a youthful facial silhouette.

Embrace your doll-like beauty by finding the right haircuts for round faces. With a wide hairline, full cheeks and a curved jaw, you’ll find a range of cuts to complement your defining features. Bardot-style layers, pixie cuts and sweeping fringes work especially well with a circular-shaped face.

Play with volume and textures that flatter your cheeks, experiment with sleek straight tresses and be inspired by the sheer amount of curled, lustrous hairstyles for round faces that are yours to explore.

Tousled waves

Opt for loose, textured waves that flow down past your cheeks to your shoulders – this will open up your face and make it appear longer. Curl your spirals away from your face using the ghd platinum® styler, creating gorgeous wavy tresses in one stroke.

Tip: Pair with the soft sweep of a side fringe for a flattering finish.

Sleek and straight 

Streamline a circular face with glossy locks straightened to perfection. Make sure your mane stays ultra-smooth by applying ghd straight & smooth spray to dry hair before gliding over strands with a ghd platinum® styler.

Tip: Fringes can totally work on haircuts for round faces. Add a below-the-eyebrow chop to make your eyes the key focus, as well as flattering your facial structure.

Volume curls

Create a fierce mane of polished spirals and enhance that gorgeous wide smile with this flawless look. Prep is key – add movement to your tresses by applying ghd total volume foam to damp hair before blow-drying. If you want to go large on the gloss, give your locks a mist of ghd final shine spray once styled.

Tip: Team your tresses with kohl-lined eyes, dewy blush and a nude pout to soften a rounded face.

Messy updo

Go for all-out glamour by sweeping your locks into this undone updo. With a flattering side fringe and plenty of height on top, the voluminous look works to elongate your face and give a more oval appearance. Tease wispy tendrils from your temples to frame your face and bring instant romance to the elegant style.


Tip: Create a deep side parting for an asymmetrical updo that accentuates your best angles.

Elegant Top Knot

Image: @hairbyanaak

Elegant topknot

Smooth updos with plenty of height are ideal hairstyles for round faces, working wonders on soft cheeks by making your face appear longer. To embrace this modern take on traditional glamour, use a ghd natural bristle brush blasted with ghd final shine spray.

Tip: Leave a few delicate tendrils out in front of the ears to trick the eye into thinking the width of your face stops there.

Braided crown with curls 

A braided crown is an easy way to win style points. It doesn’t matter what kind of look you’re rocking, using your hair as an accessory adds instant cool. Define your round-sculpted features by framing your face with silky locks, curled to ethereal standards.

Tip: Create long-lasting ringlets by spritzing ghd curl hold spray onto dry hair from root to tip before styling.

Messy twisted updo

Pair a red carpet updo with a sweeping fringe to perfectly square-out a round face. To recreate the ‘woke-up-like-this’ glamour of this relaxed bun, apply two to four pumps of ghd total volume foam to damp hair before blow-drying.

Tip: Add bejewelled clips or a dainty headband to your updo for a strong dose of grown up embellishment

Flicked-out do

Modern, playful and oh-so-chic, flicked-out locks are both stylish and functional hairstyles for round faces. A side-swept fringe offsets circular facial features, bringing definition to your cheekbones.

Tip: If you don’t have a side fringe, enhance your face structure by creating a centre parting and ramp up the wow factor with dramatic eye makeup.

Never underestimate the power of a haircut. With the right round face hairstyles you can change the focal point of your circular features and perfectly complement your facial structure. Go for deep partings, swooping fringes and gravity-defying height to bring definition to your assets and own your round-faced beauty.


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