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COACHELLA: All about the buns, braids & textured waves

Being the first festival of the season, Coachella always seems to set the hairstyle, beauty and fashion bar high with outrageous yet adaptable dos that can be transported from the rays of LA to the unpredictable rain or shine of UK festival season. Whether you are a hair-up, hair down or hair details kind of girl, ghd have the most popular and wearable hairstyles here, all of which were spotted at Coachella 2016 by the ghd trend spotter team.



Heads turned with abstract and new takes on the famous festival braid trend. Accessories including pompoms, feathers, pastel flowers and flashes of neon colours dominated this trend – moving on from the popular boxer braids as rocked by numerous celebrities over recent months. This is a great look that can also be transformed from day to night with a pair of trusty ghd stylers – create textured, mermaid waves simply by clamping your styler over the top of the your plaits and take out the bands leaving a more natural, effortless vibe.


Buns provide the perfect do for day 3 of festival hair. With the build-up of product (including glitter!) as well as other factors, especially the mighty sand storm winds at Coachella, it’s a great way to create an effortless looking style that is also bang on trend. Rocked by the likes of Kendall Jenner and super blogger Chiara Ferrangni throughout the festival, loose buns are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your face shape. Add texture and volume to the front with a top-knot, or pay homage to the 90s (as seen on ghd girl Danielle Peazer at Coachella!) with two textured space buns placed at each side of the head for the ultimate old school addition.


One of the most dominant trends of Coachella 2016 was an undone, textured wave. With temperatures climbing up into the 30s during the festival weekend, festival goers rocked natural looking curls and waves which only got bigger and better texture in the humid conditions. This effortless look is great for adding femininity to a look and can be dressed up or down with a whole host of accessories.

Create this look at home using the ghd Curve® range or as seen on Millie Mackintosh with the ghd Azores collection, created by brand ambassador, Zoe Irwin.

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