Get the biggest hair in the arena with a voluminous festival hairstyle, as styled by ghd and Stephanie Brinkerhoff.

Volume adds a playful dimension to any festival hairstyles. ghd Ambassador Stephanie Brinkerhoff shares a few simple tricks to creating her favourite voluminous looks to make the most of your festival hair.

Textured Mohawk

1. Begin by creating messy texture in the hair using the ghd curve® classic curl tong.

2. Once the hair is curled, spray a generous amount of texture spray through the hair to build volume.

3. Put the hair into four ponytails, going from front to back, in a mohawk shape.

4. Scrunch up the hair around each elastic to hide it, making a textured mohawk.

5. Finish with more texture spray to make it dishevelled.

Tousled Tresses

1. Backcomb all of the roots for volume.

2. Using the ghd curve® soft curl tong, loosely curl all of the hair away from the face.

3. Once curled, flip the hair upside down and spray texture spray all throughout the hair.

4. Gently blow dry the ends of the hair with the ghd air® hairdryer while it's still flipped upside down to help secure the volume.

5. Flip the hair back over and use your fingers to tousle it, framing it around the face.

Airy French Braid

1. Begin by curling all of the hair away from the face using the ghd curve® creative curl wand.

2. Be sure to backcomb for volume, and curl all the way to the roots.

3. Run your fingers through the hair with some texture spray to help secure the texture and volume on top.

4. Loosely bring the hair to the centre in the back and create a loose French twist, keeping it messy and airy.

5. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a hairspray.

What we used:

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