Flawless prom hairstyles to stand out from the crowd

Forget predictable hairdos and stand out from the crowd with our selection of unique prom hairstyles.

Prom night is all about looking next-level glam and your hairstyle is a major priority. Gone are the days of elaborately formal prom hair - the key is to find a look that radiates effortless glamour. The best way to do that is find a style unique to you, from flowing waves to bold braids.

Lustrous curls, tousled locks and embellishments are among the most coveted prom hair trends. If plaits are your thing, boho braids are as perfect for prom night as they are for a summer festival.

From youthful buns to glossy waves, choose from these super-pretty prom hairstyles to match whichever chic look you’re going for. There’s plenty of options for every hair length – so all that’s left for you to do is pick out the perfect dress.


Soft curls

Loose curls add extra oomph to short hair, giving definition without losing too much length. Achieve the look using the ghd curve® soft curl tong, designed to give volume at the roots and create tumbling soft curls. Simply curl the hair outwards away from the face, focusing on the ends for a soft spiral. Your flawless prom hair will stay locked in as you dance the night away, thanks to the tong’s tri-zone® technology.

Braided Half Updo

Image: @ghdhair

Braided half updo

Simple half updos are your best friend on prom night, keeping hair off your face while bringing plenty of volume. Create easy curls using the ghd curve® classic curl tong, then plait your hair around one or both sides of your head in Greek goddess fashion for an ultra-pretty accent. Braids are one of the most coveted prom hairstyles, so you’ll be right on trend for your big night.

Tip: Add floral accents for a dainty update – try tiny rosebuds for true belle-of-the-ball glamour. 

French Roll

A cute and quick twist works perfectly on short locks. This elegant prom hair is effortless to style but gives a highly professional finish, lifting hair off the neck to flaunt an off-the-shoulder dress or crystal-strewn necklace. What separates today’s French roll from those of the past is it’s not about perfection. Instead, create tousled fullness with ghd total volume foam - simply apply to damp hair before blow-drying.

Tip: Once styled, up the glam factor by fixing sparkling clips to your twist.


Side Bun

Image: @ghdhairde

Side Bun

This sweet bun pairs glamour and simplicity for prom hair that’s fit for a queen. It’s rocked by royals as much as it’s sported on the runway and is perfect if you have a special pair of earrings you want to show off. Pair with a deep side parting for instant drama and put your own spin on the look with face-framing tendrils, a bejewelled headband or boho plaits worked into the style.

Tip: Stand out from the crowd by spritzing your locks with ghd final shine spray for a pristine finish. 

Tousled Waves with Waterfall Braid

Image: @phillbutland

Tousled waves with waterfall braid

The waterfall braid is perfect if you’re looking for prom hair ideas with a difference. As most of your hair is flowing, your plait becomes your own accessory. Paired with glossy waves, it’s a gorgeous modern way to do prom hair.

Tip: Whether you wear it polished or undone, be sure to mist your cascading tresses with ghd final fix hairspray for all-night staying power. 

Romantic waves

This flawless look is perfect for medium-length prom hairstyles. With delicate spirals that sit beautifully on the shoulders, it’s a sure-fire way to add easy-going glamour to your evening style. Crafting dreamy waves all starts with product. Before you begin, work ghd smooth & finish serum through your mid-lengths and ends while damp, then blow-dry for irresistible lustre. 


Glamorous waves

Big, beautiful and super glam – just how prom hair should be. This look sits between polished loose curls and tousled beach-style waves for a sumptuous end result. Create tumbling locks that last all night with the ghd curve® soft curl tong, developed by ghd scientists for plenty of volume and enviable gloss on long tresses. 

Voluminous Side Braid

Image: @vj_hair

Voluminous side braid

Channel the famous 50s siren Veronica Lake with this modern update on her luxurious side swept hair. To get the sultry look, sweep your hair to one side, then braid your hair all the way down to the ends. Finish by tousling to create a textured look.

Tip: No matter how hard you dance at your prom, ghd final fix hairspray will make sure your prom hair stays in place.

Mermaid braids

This whimsical look is a fashion favourite and it’s easy to see why. From music festivals to laidback weddings, big messy braids are a go-to look for all kinds of occasion. When it comes to your big night, this voluminous plait effortlessly complements prom makeup by softly framing your face.

Tip: Give your prom hair glamorous gloss with a spritz of ghd final shine spray and add delicate flowers for a feminine finish. 

From classic English rose to bold braids, there’s no fixed or formal way to wear prom hair. Mix it up, play with adornments and master these prom-perfect looks to finish your school year in serious style.







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