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Dreaming of perfect hair is a thing of the past. Embrace those lie-ins and spend more time in bed thanks to the quick and effortless ghd glide; our first professional hot brush that transforms your slept-in locks in seconds.

For a natural-looking, sleek style; the ghd glide is the ideal tool to tame and smooth whilst still keeping volume in your hair. Begin by prepping your locks with ghd heat protect spray and section for easy styling. Glide the brush through the hair, turning in at the ends for a soft, rounded shape. Then finish with ghd final shine spray for a silky, lustrous look.

For hair that’s Smooth With Movement, reach for ghd glide and transform your good hair day.


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Step one: Prep hair

Prep the hair with ghd heat protect spray.

Step two: Section hair

Split the hair into sections for easier styling.

Step three: Place the hot brush under a section

Taking a horizontal section about 1 inch deep and no wider than the length of ghd glide, place ghd glide underneath at the root with the logo facing the head.

Step four: Pass the hot brush through the hair

Pass ghd glide through the section in an upward motion to create volume at the root.

Step five: Use the brush to create shape in the hair

Towards the ends of the hair start to pull ghd glide out at a 90-degree angle to create movement and shape.

TOP TIP - For softer, bevelled ends, turn ghd glide under at the ends.

Step six: Repeat technique throughout the hair

Repeat the technique through out the rest of the hair, making sure to angle the brush to create shape.

Step seven: Create volume at the crown

At the crown, over direct the hair the upwards to create extra volume .

Step eight: Finish with product

Finish with ghd final shine spray.


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