The Azores Collection:
Get the look - Deep Waves

Create deep and shimmering waves using the ghd platinum® styler for instant glamour.

Become the leader of your own style revolution and totally refresh your wavy hairstyles game. Go against your everyday brushed out wavy hair look – don’t let your hair conform. Choose deep wavy hair, full of movement, thickness and allure.

Creating wavy hairstyles shouldn’t be a chore. Let ghd be your styling guru when it comes to getting those deep ripples and your hair will be the centre of attention, whatever the occasion. 

Here’s how to create deep waves in your hair

1. Create side parting

2. Place hair in ghd platinum® styler, rotate away and glide through

3. Repeat throughout hair

4. Leave to cool, then loosen curls with ghd paddle brush

step one: Create side parting

Using the arch of your eyebrow as a guide, create a side parting.

step two: Place hair in styler, rotate away and glide through

Place section of hair between plates and rotate away from the face, gliding through to ends while continually rotating the styler.

step three: Repeat throughout hair

Repeat technique throughout hair, always turning the styler in the same direction.

step four: Leave to cool, then loosen curls with paddle brush

Allow hair to cool and lightly mist the ghd paddle brush with ghd final fix hairspray. Brush hair from the top, with your hand underneath to support the brush and create a deep set wave.

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