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Braided bridal hair

Bring braids to your bridal hairstyle for a charming boho spin on your wedding day look.

When it comes to choosing your bridal hair, the braid is a dreamy choice. With a beautiful undone finish, a simple braid is the perfect way to bring an elegant yet bohemian vibe to your big day.

Boho bridal hair is all about carefree romance. Let your woven locks fall over your shoulder for that extra touch of effortless style. Complete with a few loose strands to frame your face and create stunning texture, this braided look will epitomise that ethereal vibe.

Weave this look into your locks for a wedding hairstyle that will make you feel fairy-tale beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

Bring some carefree glamour to your wedding hairstyle with a perfectly imperfect braided look from ghd. Textured and effortlessly stylish, this heavenly look is perfect for the free-spirited bride. Craft it yourself with the help of this ghd how-to guide and get a look that will make you say ‘I do’.

Here’s how to create braided bridal hair:

1. Flip hair to one side

2. From top of ear, create a three-strand braid

3. Use elastic to cover ends and secure

4. Lift crown and soften hairline

step one: Flip hair to one side

Prepare your hair with ghd root lift spray and allow to dry naturally, then pull all your hair to one side of your head.

step two: From top of ear, create a three-strand braid

Start to braid with three strands of hair, using the top of your ear as a starting point. Stop braiding a couple of inches from the ends and secure in place with a hair tie. 

step three: Use elastic to cover ends and secure.

Take a small section of hair from ends and wrap around hair tie to cover, tucking the hair in to secure.

step four: Lift crown and soften hairline

For a finish touch to your wedding hair, soften your hairline using your fingers and add some lift to the back of your crown.

Bring dreamy romance to your bridal hair with this braided ‘do. This understated look is the epitome of effortless style – perfect for the boho bride. Pack your ghd styling kit with your dress and recreate this wedding hairstyle for your big day.



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