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member badge

Awarded when you complete your profile. This badge shows you're part of the community.


You'll receive your first Views badge when your profile receives 50 views from visitors. You'll receive a further badges when you achieve 100 and 150 views. Share your profile with your peers, friends and clients to start building your views and introducing a new audience to your work.


You'll receive your first Likes badge when 50 visitors to choose to like your profile. You'll receive a further badge when you achieve 100 likes, and then again at 150 likes. If other people like your profile then we probably will too, so our Editors will definitely be taking a look when you earn your first 50 Likes badge. Encourage people to check out your profile to earn your badges and get yourself noticed.


You'll receive your first Followers badge when 50 other profiles on choose to follow your profile. By following you, they're keen to keep up to date with all your activity, so keep posting work so they're not disappointed! You'll receive a further badge when you achieve 100 Followers, and then again at 150 Followers. The more frequently you post your work, the more likely you are to gain Followers.

Editor's pick

This badge is awarded when you or your work are selected by our Editors to feature in an article or on our inspiration pages. Our editors will be hunting for the most exciting, orginal and creative images as well as the most inspiring and useful how-to videos. The more work you post, the more likely you are to be featured. It's a great way to get noticed among your peers.


We'll award you this badge when you post five how-to videos. Videos don't need to be a high production effort, just something filmed on your mobile phone or digital camera. Show visitors how to master a new technique, create a new style, or reveal how to achieve salon-style results with some pro tricks and tips. The content of the video is up to you!

cover star

This is the most coveted of all the badges and is awarded if you or your work are featured on The Cover (the homepage) as our lead story. Our Editors will only select the very best work to be showcased here. If your work does make the edit then it will be showcased to the millions of people who visit each month. It's an amazing opportunity to show the world what you do.


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