It was a British Invasion at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and ghd was there to fly the flag for the hair!

Home-grown talent stormed the catwalk at this year's British Invasion themed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. With Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn and Malaika Firth (heralded as the new Naomi), what better way to celebrate all things British than for us to be there, creating the sexy, stunning and show-stopping hairstyles for the 2013 Angels.


Confident. Sexy. Super-cool. Uber-stylist, Orlando Pita was tasked with creating this year's hair story for the Victoria's Secret Angels. He didn't stray from their traditional signature style - big hair, lots of volume and super-sexy, but added small details that made a subtle difference and put his stamp on things.

In the past we’ve gone with a dry and sandy, beachy texture, but this year, hair is shiny and glossy!



The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is much more than just a fashion show: it is an entire production and concert with music's best singing their hits as the Victoria's Secret Angels strut their stuff down the runway in some of the most beautiful lingerie in the world. So how did the 40 models become show-ready for the big day? I got the chance to go backstage and see exactly what it takes, and let me tell you, an army is an understatement.

Upon first arrival, I immediately spotted lead stylist Orlando Pita drying Alessandra Ambrosio's hair using the ghd air professional performance hairdryer and ghd round brush. Next into the chair was Karlie Kloss, who immediately wanted to take a selfie with Orlando Pita in the mirror before he started transforming her hair.

The 22 hair stylists worked like machines using the ghd tools and Victoria's Secret wet line products to create the final look.

At one point, the $10 million bra was brought into the room, with model Candice Swanepoel jumping behind the red velvet ropes to pose with her custom-made jewel lingerie, and every press outlet in the very large pink room seemed to gravitate to the same spot with cameras flashing and reporters calling her name.

One thing each reporter asked the models, which I found hilarious, was "how do you take the perfect selfie?" As expected, the models were all pros at this, with most asking to show the reporters how to do so on their phones, giving them quite a memory! 

With five minutes before show-time, an announcement was made that all models had to get straight back into a hair stylists chair immediately, as a final touch-up to the look needed to be made. A frenzy ensued, with stylists wielding ghd stylers ready to add the finishing touches for each model.

The models were all relaxed and enjoying the moment, chatting with each other and having a good time. Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne gave each other a huge hug when they saw each other, and mentioned they were both wearing their matching necklaces, showing they truly are friends!

I saw Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn leaving arm in arm to get ready for the show, each with a ghd tote bag on their arm, clearly proud to support the British brand!


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