Creative Embellished Crimp

Statement hairstyles don’t need to cause hassle. Forget the hours of styling and abundance of adornments, and achieve party hair perfection with a creative embellished crimped hairstyle.

Boost your straight hair to the next level with the Statement Veil – the effortless crimped party hairstyle. Take the traditional sleek hairstyle and give it an edgy millennial makeover by pairing with a graphic crimped embellishment. There’s no need to adorn your locks here, just let the ghd contour® create naturally embellished crimped hair.

Available for a limited time only, the ghd contour® is your ticket to the millennial hair crimping revival. Developed by ghd scientists, this styler has been designed to deliver perfect on-trend results in minimum time and effort. Let the deep-grooved plates style your locks at the optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees in 4 seconds* giving you uber-cool and enviable crimped hair in no time at all.

Make modern hair crimping your go-to look this party season with the Statement Veil, brought to you by ghd contour®.


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Here’s how to get a creative embellished crimp

1. Take 2-inch section of hair

2. Comb section and pull taught

3. Place section in crimper and hold

4. Repeat at jaw level

Final Look - creative embellished crimp
Take 2-inch section of hair - Creative Embellished Crimp

step one: Take 2-inch section of hair

To start prepare the hair with ghd heat protect spray, to give you that extra protection from heat damage. Then using the ghd tail comb, create a centre parting in your hair and take a 2-inch section of hair.

TIP: To give your hair that extra shine, prepare by smoothing the hair out with the ghd platinum® styler.

Comb section and pull taught - Creative Embellished Crimp

step two: Comb section and pull taught

Work the ghd tail comb through the section of hair to smooth and pull downwards to ensure the hair is taught.

Place section in crimper and hold - Creative Embellished Crimp

step three: Place section in crimper and hold

Keeping the section of hair taught, place the ghd contour® around the hair at eye level and hold down firmly for 4-8 seconds.

Repeat at jaw level - Creative Embellished Crimp

step four: Repeat at jaw level

Once released, move the ghd contour® down the section of hair to around a jaw-length level (or wherever you desire on your length) and repeat step three to create a second crimped embellishment.

TIP: Don’t brush over the crimped sections – if you need to work through your locks, try going around the crimped hair.