09 April 2013

The dream diy blow-dry

Use the new ghd air™ to create the best blow-dry ever.
It's just perfect for parties! Sexy hair? Hell yeah!

Create the perfect blow-dry and enjoy that just-stepped-out-the-salon feeling every time you style. This will be your go-to party look time and time again, guaranteed.

1 Product prep

Starting with freshly washed, towel-dried hair, apply ghd Total Volume Foam to the roots and ghd Style Heat Protect Spray to the lengths of your hair.

2 Build volume

Using ghd air™ on medium speed and medium heat, tip your head upside down and blast-dry the roots first to build volume, followed by the lengths. When your hair is about 50% dry you’re ready to start using a brush.

3 Use your brush

Take the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush (size 3) and turn up the speed and heat settings on ghd air™. Starting at the front, begin drying section-by-section. Lift each section up and away from the roots, wrapping it around the brush while directing air flow at the barrel. Work the sections back from your face so you don’t create a parting.

4 Set the volume

Once each section is dry, use the cool shot button to cool the warm hair around the brush. This will immediately set your volume. When cool, gently back-brush at the roots to create extra body. Finally, wind the section back on itself into a loop and secure to your head with a grip.

5 Finish drying

Continue this technique through the sides and back of your hair. Don’t forget to use the cold shot on every section you dry. Vary the size of your sections as you dry as this will create a loose and undone style of blow-dry.

6 blow it cold

Once all your sections are dry, cooled and pinned into loops, turn down your speed to the gentlest setting and carefully blow over the sections with cold air to both set and loosen the hair.

7 let it loose

As you unpin each section, add a little more backcombing at the root and mist lightly with hairspray.

8 blend the sections

Finish the front of your style with a slight backcomb around the hairline, then tilt your head back and blend your sections by tousling with your hands.

9 tousle to finish

To create this blow-dry’s undone finish, spritz ghd Style Root Lift Spray in to the dry hair and give it a blast of cold air from underneath the style.

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