The modern day crimp

Introducing the hottest new hair trend of this season - the modern day crimp. 

Crimped hairstyles are back with a vengeance. After making such a resurgence on the catwalks, it was only a matter of time until 80s-inspired styles made their way back into our hair repertoire. But this reinvention of the crimped look doesn’t rest on the laurels of its predecessor – big, bold crimps are out, subtle embellishments and texture are in.

Channel your inner-millennial goddess for the new crimped look, so think more Ariana Grande than Britney Spears when it comes to crimping hair. This revival is all about creating refined texture and volume, it’s a case of quality over quantity.

Don’t worry about having to dig your old school tools out to create crimped hairstyles. For AW17, ghd is proud to announce the release of our new ghd contour®, the must-have limited edition styling tool for creating the refreshed crimp look this season. Creating that modern textured and voluminous look is your ticket to hassle-free style.

What is modern day hair crimping?

Hair crimping has taken influence from the world of beauty for its latest reincarnation. With beauty and fashion trends being pivotal to hairstyling success, the phenomena of contouring has been identified as the inspiration for AW17 hairstyles. Used by make-up artists, contouring can enhance face shapes by adding width, texture or volume – something crimped locks in 2017 looks to achieve. This new hair crimping technique is all about creating delicately crimped styles to add that personalised edge to your look.

Carefully choosing where to crimp your hair, rather than going all out and crimping hair from root to tip, will give you that added soft texture. To bring that dual texture effect to your locks, experimenting by using the ghd contour® across different sections of your hair will instantly enhance the shape and volume of your style.

Versatility is key to 21st century hair crimping. From plumping up your braid to adding a statement touch to your straight style, the contour hair trend is the perfect accompaniment to any look. Crimping in certain placements around the hair will give you the optical illusion of colour and adornment too – a bit like a hair tattoo.

How to crimp hair


Bring this iconic look into the 21st century and give it a full millennial makeover, with our range of step-by-step guides to inspire your crimped hairstyle of choice.




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