WHO: Sarah Paulson

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Bridget Brager

INSPIRATION: “Sarah is currently growing out her hair and it's at an interesting length right now, so we weren't quite sure what to do. But, when she tried on the Marc Jacobs dress she chose for the evening, it all came together for us. It's this really cool metallic, tight dress that read 70's to us. Our inspiration became Edie Sedgwick, with a modern twist.”

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: “To start, I prepped the hair by adding a dime sized amount of both styling paste and oil, running it through the hair from roots to ends. Next I dried her hair using the ghd air® hairdryer and used the ghd natural bristle radial brush size 1 to smooth the hair, pulling it all forward towards her face while bending the ends softly.

Once hair was dry I created a middle part and used the ghd curve® soft curl iron to add texture to the hair. Starting from the middle on each section of hair, I wrapped the hair around once, alternating each section towards and away from the face, and leaving the ends out to create an “S” effect. Then I tugged on the bottom to stretch the hair. This technique is great for added texture without having a full curl.

Once all the hair was set, I focused on the bang area, which is the cornerstone of the look. I used the ghd platinum® styler starting on the right section of bang and ironed the hair out towards the center of the face, stopped midway down the hair shaft and bent the bang back, mirroring the same movement on the other side.

After I finished heat styling, I used a texture spray to add extra volume. Then I teased the hair lightly at the roots to create a solid base. To complete the look, I used bobby pins to fasten the hair in place and set it all with hairspray so it would keep its shape for her big night!”

What we used:

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