Lucy and Lydia Connell at Coachella

Lucy and Lydia Connell X ghd: Coachella Q&A

Coachella 2019

We caught up with Lucy and Lydia Connell as they joined ghd for Coachella 2019.

Coachella is famous for it's A-list attendees and trend-setting style. Why not try one of Lucy and Lydia's looks at your next festival event this season and be the festival queen!



What are your desert island make up items and why?

Definitely Clinique Moisture Surge, it's amazing! I couldn't live without my Mac Liquid Liner as it stays on my eyes all day and doesn't smudge. Also sunscreen is a MUST. Two other products that I couldn't live without are the Mac Stripdown Lip Liner and Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Penelope Pink!

What are your desert island skincare items and why?

Clinique Moisture Surge, its amazing! Also the Charlotte Tilbury Citrus Cleaner is my favorite thing of all time!!

What are you fave hair gadgets and products?

I couldn't be without my ghd flat irons! I've been using ghds ever since I can remember so I couldn't imagine being without them! They are amazing for when I want to wear my hair curled or straightened. Also I'm loving the ghd glide right now too! So easy and quick to use! I also love the IGK dry shampoo right now too and my Tangle Teezer from our range that we designed with Tangle Teezer!

What is your go-to hairstyle?

I love wearing my hair curled, using the ghd platinum+ styler. Right now I am wearing Hair Rehab London tape extensions, which I had done at Samantha Cusick London Salon, and I am loving them right now!

What is your top skincare tip?

Always take your makeup off every single night without fail! Even if you get in really late! I can never go to sleep with my eye makeup still on!

What is your first beauty memory?

One of my first beauty memories is making rose petal fragrances in the garden and giving my Mum and Grandma facials in the garden. We always loved experimenting with makeup when we were little and always dressed up and experimented with crazy makeup and outfits and did photoshoots!

What is your lifelong lipstick love?

I will always love Mac Lady Danger for a red lip! I've worn this for years. For my everyday lip liner I loveeeeeee Mac Stripdown and have worn this for as long as I can remember!

Lucy Connell at Coachella

I’ve always wanted to…

I've always wanted to go back to ginger hair. I used to dye my hair this color years ago. I had ginger hair for about five years and would love to go back to this color one day! I love experimenting with color! I would love to go pink or purple again too!

Favorite place for hair/nails/facials?

My favorite place for my hair is going to Samantha Cusick Hair Salon in London! It's my favorite salon because everyone there is so lovely and welcoming and I am always so happy with how they cut and color my hair!

Biggest beauty mistake?

Filling my eyebrows in tooooooo full! Less is more Lucy!!

Favorite perfume?

I have soooooo many favorites. I love Armani Diamonds, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Nina Ricci.

Who is your beauty icon?

Ohhhhhh I have so many. I grew up loving Mary Kate and Ashley for my boho smokey eye look, but I would also say I love Little Mix's makeup! Their makeup always looks incredible!

Top 3 beauty brands?

Ohhhhh this is hard, right now I would say I am mostly using Bare Minerals, Benefit Cosmetics and Marc Jacobs Beauty.


What is your favorite festival memory ever?

I love going to festivals and we have had some of my favorite ever summer memories at festivals. One of my favorite festivals was V Festival in 2018 when we went with a big group of our friends!

How would you describe your festival style?

I love trying out different looks for each day because I feel like at festivals you can be so experimental. For Coachella with ghd this year, one day I am going more boho vibes and then for the Ariana Grande show I am going full on Ariana Grande mode! I can't wait to wear a long ponytail.

Are you a camper or a glamper?

Deffo a glamper hehehe!

What has been your favorite hairstyle been at Coachella?

I loved when Kylie Jenner did rainbow braids and Vanessa Hudgens always has the most amazing boho waves with the cutest floral headpieces! I also loved Ariana Grande's purple ponytail last year! I can't wait to see what she does this year!

Who is your festival inspiration?

Vanessa Hudgens all the way for boho princess vibes, and Hailey Bieber for effortless festival chic!

Top 3 emojis?

Definitely the pink heart, dancing girl emoji and the hands up girl!

Favorite book?

We actually have written our own book #FINDTHEGIRL which we worked on for 3 years and are super proud of!

Cheat meal?


Lucy Connell at Coachella



What are your desert island make up items and why?

I loveeee Eos lip balms, so hydrating on my lips. I can’t live without them.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser, when my skin is dehydrated this is perfect for hydration!

Batiste Dry Shampoo! Can’t live without dry shampoo!

Benefit Gimme Brow for definition on my brows, another product I can’t live without.

What are you fave hair gadgets and products?

ghd flat irons from the new festival collection - I go everywhere with these.

ghd curve® classic curl iron, for my everyday soft waves.

ghd air® hair dryer, this goes everywhere with me!

Dry shampoo always.

Igk Texturising Spray or L’Oréal Big Hair for volume!

Lydia Connell at Coachella

What is your go-to hairstyle?

Loose waves or my super long sleek high ponytail, for which I use the ghd glide brush and my Hair Rehab London extensions.

What is your day to day beauty regime?

A good moisturiser and lip balm, the Charlotte Tilbury Oil Cleaner which I love! Day to day natural makeup, Nars Tinted Moisturiser and Bare Minerals Concealer, Benefit for brows. I have lash extensions at the moment by Prima Lashes so I keep it pretty natural and then Fenty Gloss Bomb and Stripdown Liner by Mac on my lips and Hoola Bronzer on my cheeks!

How do you keep your hair so healthy and shiny looking?

I use Redken shampoo and conditioner ALWAYSSSS! Also the ghd platinum+ flat irons add so much shine to my hair and I regularly get my hair done by Samantha Cusick who keeps my blonde looking it’s best!

What is your first beauty memory?

I would give my Mum and Grandma facials, when I was little, with their Estée Lauder creams and I would get chilled cucumber out of the fridge for their eyes!

Best beauty advice you ever received?

From my Mum, to not wear foundation at school. Lucy and I were the only ones in our group at school that didn’t wear it and my skin has been so much better for it.

Also never pluck your brows, get a professional to do it! Mumma always knows best!

Lifelong lipstick love?

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Penelope Pink and Mac Stripdown Liner.

Always wanted to...

Become a red head! Might do it at some point but really want to!

Favorite beauty treatment?

Facials and getting my lashes done!

Favorite place for hair/nails/facial?

Samantha Cusick Salon. Nails - The Nail Club. Lashes - Prima Lashes.

First beauty product I ever bought...

Natural Collection mascara.

Beauty icon?

Hailey Bieber alwayssssss and Mary Kate and Ashley.

Top 3 beauty brands?

Fenty Beauty.



Top makeup tip?

Less is more, less on the skin, and build up with concealer if you need to!


What is your favorite festival memory ever?

Seeing DJ Khaled at Coachella two years ago! It was so funny he kept stopping the track and shouting "ANOTHER ONE".

Also seeing Nicki Minaj at Wireless Festival was soooo good.

Seeing Pink at V Festival with my friends and all standing in a circle crying when she sang 'Perfect'!

How would you describe your festival style?

I really like to change up my style each day for a festival. Depending on what it is festival too, if it’s Wireless I’ll go for a much more edgy vibe, but for Coachella I’m going to do a boho vibe the first day, an edgy vibe the second and a girly glitter vibe for one of the days! I love festival style so much!

Are you a camper or a glamper?

Defo a glamper! I like to have a shower! Also did glamping one year at V Festival and that was ‘more camping’ to me. For sureeee I like my own bed!

Lydia Connell at Coachella

What has your favorite hairstyle been at Coachella?

Hair rings, love love love them! Also loved when Vanessa Hudgens has braids! Queen of Coachella.

Who is your festival inspiration?

Hailey Bieber of course! Love her style, she can pull off anything, I hope she’s here this year! Vanessa Hudgens every year, always looks so good! And of course Ariana!

Fave book?

The Princess Diaries. Can I still say that?! Also Hunger Games series I read them over and over.

Cheat meal?

Macy ddsssss but if we are in LA then 100 percent In N Out Burger!

Favorite TV show?

Still One Tree Hill, best show ever.

Favorite Insta account?

I have a few ... @inthefrow, @angelicablick, @hellooctober, @suzyshattack.


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