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The Luxe Lob

Chop your hair to your chin and give a traditional long wavy look a unique short hair twist. Bring a sweet and innocent feel to your short hair with the Luxe Lob, partnering soft flowing waves and glitzy embellishments – long hair isn’t required here. Tucking your hair behind your ear will only add to this short hairstyle’s playful vibe.

Revolutionize your short hairstyle with the ghd styling essentials. Use ghd curl hold spray to protect your short locks from heat damage and to help create long-lasting curls, and with the ghd platinum® styler, crafting short wavy hair is effortless.

This season, ghd is supporting breast cancer charities across the globe by launching the limited edition ghd pink blush collection. We want to raise awareness of the efforts of the charities and promote the message of taking the chop for charity to donate your long tresses.

Get inspired by ghd Pink and ditch your long locks for the Luxe Lob – follow this simple step-by-step guide for short hairstyle perfection.


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1. Prep hair with curl hold spray

2. Blow-dry smooth

3. Place styler at root, rotate and glide through hair

4. Repeat through hair

5. Repeat across back of head

6. On opposite side, continue towards the parting

7. Spritz brush with shine spray

8. Dress the hair into soft waves

9. Accessorize with your choice of hair clips

prep with curl hold spray - luxe lob

step one: Prep hair with curl hold spray

Begin by spritzing your hair with ghd curl hold spray – this will craft defined curls and protect your hair from heat.

Blow-dry smooth - Luxe Lob

step two: Blow-dry smooth

Using ghd air® hairdryer and ghd paddle brush, blow-dry the hair smooth.

Place styler in hair - Luxe Lob

step three: Place styler at root, rotate and glide through hair

Starting at the side of your head, place the ghd platinum® styler horizontally at the root pointing away from the face. Close the plates together, rotate the styler one full turn and glide through to the ends.

Repeat through hair - Luxe Lob

step four: Repeat through hair

Repeat this technique through the hair, working in horizontal sections up towards the parting and always pointing the styler away from the face.

Repeat across back of head - Luxe Lob

step five: Repeat across back of head

Repeat across the back of the head, always pointing the ghd platinum® styler horizontally and in the same direction.

On opposite side, continue in same direction towards the parting - Luxe Lob

step six: On opposite side, continue towards the parting

Now on the opposite side of the parting, your styler is now facing the face. Continue in this direction, horizontally and working up to the parting with a full turn on the styler.

Spritz brush with final shine - Luxe Lob

step seven: Spritz brush with shine spray

Apply a small amount of shine spray to the ghd oval dressing brush.

Dress the hair into soft waves - Luxe Lob

step eight: Dress the hair into soft waves

Then, use the ghd oval brush to work through your hair to turn the curls into soft waves.

Accessorise with your choice of hair clips - Luxe Lob

step nine: Accessorise with hair clips

To complete your Luxe Lob, embellish your short hair with sparkling hair clips.



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