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The Wavy Chop

Scissors are friends, not foe. When it comes to choosing your next look, opt for short choppy hair that radiates confidence without the need for length. The Wavy Chop is your ticket to short hair perfection, thanks to its sultry shoulder-length curls and voluminous finish. Refresh your look this season and let short hair do the talking.

Styling short hair is simple too – let the ghd platinum® styler create curls and use the ghd paddle brush to dress them into waves.

As part of our ongoing charity work, ghd is partnering with Breast Cancer Now – the UK’s largest breast cancer charity – to help support and promote the ethos of the charity and encourage more women to adopt short hairstyles. A donation will be made to Breast Cancer Now every time a product from the ghd pink blush collection is sold.

Take the weight off your shoulders when deciding on your new hairstyle. Petite and playful, here’s how to style short hair into the wavy chop.


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Here’s how to create the Wavy Chop

1. Prep hair with curl hold spray

2. Finger dry hair

3. Place hair in styler, rotate a half-turn and glide

4. Repeat technique, styling away from face

5. Smooth the curls with brush

6. Flip parting for extra volume and definition

Prep with ghd root lift spray - Textured Bob

step one: Prep hair with curl hold spray

To prepare your hair, spritz ghd curl hold spray across your whole head – this will help you craft long-lasting curls.

Finger dry hair - Wavy Chop

step two: Finger dry hair

To allow the ghd curl hold spray to set into your hair, take a section of hair between your fingers and dry from root to tip using the ghd air® hairdryer.

Place hair in styler, rotate a half-turn and glide - Wavy Chop

step three: Place hair in styler, rotate a half-turn and glide

Take a square section of hair approximately the width of the ghd platinum® styler. Place the styler at the root, rotate half a turn away from the face and pull through your hair.

Tip: Place a slight downward angle on the direction as you guide to maintain length in the curl.

Repeat technique, styling away from face - Wavy Chop

step four: Repeat technique, styling away from face

Then rotate the ghd platinum® styler in the opposite direction and glide down the hair for approximately another width of the styler.

Repeat and rock styler to create ‘S’ bend - Textured Bob

step five: Smooth the curls with brush

Once the whole head has been styled, dress the hair using the ghd paddle brush to gently smooth the curls.

Work through hair with detangling comb - Textured Bob

step six: Flip parting for extra volume and definition

Create a side parting with the ghd tail comb, before flipping the hair for extra volume and definition.



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