Wedding Guest Look Book 2019

Beautiful hair doesn't have to be reserved for just the bride- find a new glam look with ghd!

Now more than ever, wedding season is no longer just the summer, and the stress of finding a new outfit for each occasion becomes daunting (and not to mention expensive!) So this year, think beyond the outfit to easily refresh your look and upgrade your same old go-to look.

ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin, has shared her top tips to put a modern twist on your look, with a simple hair guide to transform your wedding-guest look.

Image: @davidhalsall


“This season, accessories are back and weddings are the perfect playground! Once hair has been blow dried with ghd air® hairdryer, brush through and create a simple side parting. Using the ghd curve® creative curl wand, firstly section off and work through section by section, wrapping the full length of your hair around the wand, all in the same direction for a uniformed curl. Once the hair is cooled, brush back the smaller section of parted hair so it sits behind your ear and clip in a selection of clips for instant glam and added sparkle.”

Pinned Up

“Refresh the classic up-do, with an undone chignon. Start by blasting hair dry with ghd air hairdryer and running the ghd platinum+ styler through the lengths of hair to smooth. Leave two small front sections of hair loose and pull the remaining hair back into a low pony and secure with a hair tie. Split hair in two and twist back around on itself and into the center, securing with grips. Finally take the two front sections and loosely wrap with ghd curve® creative curl wand and with your fingertips, lightly tease hair for an edgy-cool finish and spritz with hairspray for added shine and hold.”

Top Tip

“The key to gorgeous wedding guest hair is preparation, ensuring that you start looking after your locks in the months before the big day. Make sure you start to apply regular treatments and masks, so that your hair is healthy and your style will hold throughout the day and evening. Use the ghd advanced split end therapy in the weeks leading up to your big day to help nourish and fortify damaged ends, leaving your hair feeling sleek, smooth and shiny.”

Embrace sophisticated styling at every event this year with these wedding guest hairstyles for 2019. Accessorise curls and waves with jewelled slides or dazzling hairpieces for extra glam. Delicate updos can be tousled or smooth and sleek depending on your style and natural texture, just remember to hold it in place with hairspray. Share your stunning looks on Instagram and remember to tag @ghd_northamerica for a chance to get featured!

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