Maya Jama at Coachella

Maya Jama X ghd: Coachella Q&A

Coachella 2019

We caught up with Maya Jama as she joined ghd for Coachella 2019.

Coachella is famous for it's A-list attendees and trend-setting style. Why not try one of Maya's looks at your next festival event this season and be the Queen of your Scene!


What are your quick fix look good secrets?

A good hairdryer! I use the ghd air festival collection dryer. It’s great for drying my hair quickly and smoothly and without damaging it, before styling.

What are your dessert island make up items and why?

- Laura Mercier Powder (Because it stops you from looking sweaty while in the hot desert and gives you a great glow).

- Mac concealer (Because I don’t like wearing heavy makeup and it does the exactly what foundation does, but less heavy).

- Fenty Beauty Highlighter (Because it gives you a great shine through the sandy desert).

- Mac lip liner (Great long lasting colour over a long festival day).

- Maybelline mascara (It gives a great false lash look effect without having to wear fake lashes).

What are your dessert island skincare items and why?

- Sun cream.

- Sunglasses.

- Wear a hat or balaclava to protect your skin from too much direct sun.

- Wear a great/comfy pair of desert boots.

- Have a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day.

What are you fave hair gadgets and products?

- ghd platinum+ styler (Because it enables me to style my hair, but ensure its still super shiny).

- ghd gold® styler (Because it allows me to style my hair in so many different ways, with just one product!).

- ghd air® hairdryer (Great for drying my hair quickly and without damaging it, before styling with other ghd products).

What is your go-to hairstyle?

Dead straight sleek look with a side parting.

What is the biggest beauty and hair myth in your opinion?

Eat the crusts on your bread, otherwise your hair will go curly.

What is your day to day beauty regime?

I use a basic dove soap and water to wash my face. Wear just basic makeup; concealer, mascara, bronzer and eyebrows.

What is your top skincare tip?

Change your pillow case sheets often.

How do you keep your hair so healthy and shiny looking?

I use leave-in conditioners often.

What is your first beauty memory?

Putting on liquid eyeliner in the toilets in school.

Maya Jama at Coachella

Best beauty advice you have ever received?

Wash your brushes and don’t use foundation, but just a good concealer instead.

What is your lifelong lipstick love?

Ruby Woo by MAC.

I’ve always wanted to…

Go ginger.. but I know it wouldn’t suit me.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Laser facial.

First ever beauty product you bought?

Barry M liquid liner.

Biggest beauty mistake?

Plucking/threading my eyebrows until they almost didn’t exist.

Favourite perfume?

Dior Poison.

Beauty product you would grab if your house was on fire?

My concealer and a facemask.

Who is your beauty icon?

I know it sounds cliché.. but Kylie Jenner, she’s got some great ‘looks’.

Top 3 beauty brands?

- MAC.

- ghd.

- Kiehls.

Top makeup pro tip you have ever been given?

Reuse your fake lashes. Don’t just wear them once.

Does Stormzy borrow any of your beauty products? What is his grooming routine like?

No, he’s got the skin of a baby naturally.


To me, being healthy means…

Being alive and well and happy.

How does social media effect you / how do you deal with it?

I used to let it affect me, but I've got used to it now. I've been using social media for so long now! You get good comments and bad ones. But yeah, I've just learnt to not care now.

When you have time to work out, what’s your go to exercise?

I don’t really do proper workouts, I just dance around with weights.

How do you relax / pamper yourself?

Put on a facemask, have a bath and close the curtains.

What’s next for you?

World domination! And having my own line of face masks.

When you are on holiday, what are your favourite travel essentials?

- Headphones.

- Sombrero.

- Bandana to hold back my hair.


Maya Jama at Coachella

What is your favourite festival memory ever?

DJing at Glastonbury just before Craig David on the Silver Hayes stage!

How would you describe your festival style?

I’m very experimental when it comes to festival style. I love a bohemian look, but then I’ll go for a saucy sparkly number the next day... I like to experiment!

Are you a camper or a glamper?

I used to be a camper, but as I've got older I'm a glamper.

Who is your festival inspiration (fashion + beauty)?

Jourdan Dunn, she always looks great at festivals. I’ve loved her looks at Notting Hill Carnival and Wireless.

Top 3 emojis?

- Love heart.

- Excited smiley face.

- Vomit face.

Favourite alcoholic drink?


Favourite book?

Maya Angelo - ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’.

Cheat meal?


Weirdest pick up line?

I don’t get picked up...but ‘Are you Jamaican, because your Jamaican me crazy’ or ‘Did you fall from heaven because you look like an angel’.

Favourite TV show?

Ex On The Beach.

Favourite Instagram account?


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