Rochelle Humes X ghd:
Coachella Q&A

Coachella 2018

Festival season is upon on us and we talk to Rochelle Humes as she joined ghd for Coachella 2018.

If you couldn't make it to Coachella this year, discover what was in Rochelle's must-have festival essentials bag and be inspired. Embrace your natural curls with the likes of the Power Pony, the Playful Updo and the Curl Crush, perfect for dancing around a field all day long. 

All time beauty essentials...

High Glow Radiance & Glow Body Cream; if I have my legs out I like to make sure they look smooth and glossy so I apply this cream for a radiant glow.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom; I always use a good lip balm, nothing that too drying. I love the Glossier ones. The Coconut Balm Dotcom is my fave. They really stand the test of time and I don’t like anything too matte if you’re going to be out and about all day.

Cleanser; Garnier micellar water – I find it so easy to use. I like to use it as well as a classic cleanser to get everything off by double cleansing, and its super gentle on my skin and easy to use.

Eye cream – Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment – this is a light eye serum that hydrates and makes my eyes feel more alive when I apply it.

Perfume – Chloe Eau de Parfum has always been my fave and its Marvin's favourite fragrance for me too. It’s what I wore on my wedding day so reminds me of that day. And Marvin knows that smell anywhere, he’s obsessed with it.

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer – this primer gives my skin an instant boost of radiance and healthy glow.

Hairdryer – the ghd saharan gold air hairdryer + diffuser. I dry my hair with this hairdryer and diffuser to maximise my curls. The hairdryer has 3 heat settings so the temperature can be controlled and doesn’t get too hot. I start drying it on a low setting and then can turn up the heat once my hair is nearly dry.

Falsies or mascara? Any faves?

Mascara! If you have a good mascara you don’t need false lashes.

Fave lipstick & shade – why?

MAC Spice lip liner and Fenty Gloss Bomb

Bronzer or blusher? Which one is your favourite?

Bronzer! MAC bronzer is my fave

Do you switch up your makeup for summer?

Yes, I use a lot more creams in the summer. Cheek tint, creamy highlighter nothing too dry

Any beauty bargains in your makeup bag?

Maybelline baby lips!

Rochelle Humes with the playful updo

What amazing products have you discovered since becoming a mum?

Burts Bees multi purpose ointment – I use that on myself and the kids, it smells honey and I use it the on kids and then use it on myself as a highlighter or lip balm

Are you a strict cleanse, tone, moisturise kind of girl, or is a much simpler cleanse at the end of the day?

Yes I am, I always cleanse and remove my makeup

Any amazing tips that you have picked up from makeup artists over the years?

Everything I do I have picked up from makeup artists. Doing your eye makeup first – it’s a basic tip but is so important so that the eye makeup doesn’t run onto the rest of the makeup


Beauty must haves to take to a festival/makeup bag essentials:

Fenty Beauty gloss bomb lip gloss; the most perfect nude lip gloss ever, which looks good on all skin tones.

High Glow Radiance & Glow Body Cream; if I have my legs out I like to make sure they look smooth and glossy.

ghd curl hold spray;I want my curls to hold and last all day and night so I use this light spray to keep them in place

ghd saharan gold Flight travel hairdryer; to scrunch dry my hair when travelling. It is light and doesn’t take up space in my suitcase, and means I don’t have to use any dodgy hotel hairdryers

Chloe sunglasses; I bought them at the airport on the way to Coachella and sunglasses are a festival essential

Do you plan all your outfits in advance or decide on the day?

Yes I am more experimental at festivals. It is fun to try different looks at a festival – for both fashion and beauty. I enjoy planning my different outfits and beauty looks beforehand.

Is this your first time at Coachella or a you a regular?

This is my first time! I had to come when I found out Beyoncé was playing!

Did you enjoy your time in the desert? Was it what you expected?

Yes I totally enjoyed Coachella – it was better than expected!

Was going to Coachella on your bucket list? What other things are still there waiting to get ticked off?

It was always on my bucket list and with Beyoncé being on I had to go!
Running the marathon is also on my bucket list and I am doing that next week – although I’m not sure Coachella is the best prep for it!

You watched Beyoncé at Coachella…. Were you excited to see her? Did she make you want to pick up a microphone again?

Yes so excited to her! Seeing her on stage was amazing but it didn't make me want to pick up the mic again, I just enjoyed singing and dancing with my friends in the crowd.

What was the idea behind your festival looks? Did you have anyone on your mood board?

There was no one person that inspired my looks. I went with what I loved but I was looking at my fave festival looks and that included Kate Bosworth, Rosie HW and Alessandra Ambrosia.

What do you love most about Coachella?

The sunshine at Coachella helps – festivals are always more enjoyable in the sunshine. Also Coachella is really clean, there’s no rubbish on the floor and everyone seems happy. It’s a great vibe!

What’s your usual festival look? Does it vary between muddy British festivals and sunny festivals abroad?

My festival look definitely varies between the UK festivals and sunny festivals. I love festival fashion, in fact I’d love to dress like I’m going to a sunny festival always!

What are your most memorable festival moments?

Opening the main stage at V festival was my most memorable festival moment – me and the girls all loved that! We were lucky to perform at some really cool festivals. I also loved watching Beyoncé – I’m so excited to see her headlining at Coachella this year. Festivals are so fun, I love the good weather, being outside and having a good time with your friends. I definitely prefer festivals to going out to a nightclub.

What’s your go-to festival look? Fashion and beauty.

Definitely a pair of ankle boots and also a few different occasion outfits for the parties too.

I‘m not a glitter person so just normal makeup for me, but always with amazing sunglasses.

I like white nails for festivals! And I try to experiment with my hair, by trying our different styles and using accessories. Patrick Wilson styled my hair for Coachella and used different accessories which I loved, including Kela Charms.


Tell us why you decided to work with ghd. Have you always been a fan of the brand?

I’ve always used and loved ghd products. I have ghd straighteners which are great but now I am embracing my curls more and use the ghd saharan gold air hairdryer and diffuser for my curls, plus the ghd curl hold spray to keep my curls in place.

What do you love about each of the looks you wore at the festival?

Bounce & Beads; “This was similar to my usual hair look but with some added braids and accessories on the side to add a festival vibe but nothing too OTT.”

Playful Updo; “This was a light, super easy style to wear – and great in the heat! It looked quite effortless which I liked, it wasn’t too try hard!”

Power Pony; “This was a super fun look – it was my fave of Coachella weekend! I like wearing my hair sleek to my head so that it’s simple at the front and then the big textured pony was such a statement at the back, it was perfect for Beyoncé night!”

Curl Crush; “I loved these big bouncy curls that I had on the last day. I accessorised with a head band as an additional statement!”

Bounce and Beads
Bounce and Beads

Have you learnt any hair styling tips while you’ve been out here?

I’ve learnt to use the tip of the ghd creative curl wand to enhance my curls when they have dropped a bit, this gives them more definition which is great. I wrap the hair around the end of the wand and this gives my curls more bounce.

After your successful hashtag #curlslikeus, how has embracing your natural curls changed your get ready time?

Oh my goodness now my hair is curly, it’s amazing! It’s certainly been a lot easier and a lot less time. It doesn’t matter now if I get stuck in the rain now or if it’s humid. It was great at Coachella in the heat too as I didn’t have to worry about my hair in the heat.

It takes a lot less maintenance and getting ready is loads quicker now that I am wearing it curly. It’s so nice to wash my hair and just diffuse using the ghd saharan gold air hairdryer and diffuser, which is so quick and easy. I also use the ghd curl hold spray to maintain and enhance my curls.

Having embraced your natural curls, how has your hair care regime changed?

Everything I’m using now is completely different to what I was using before. I use the ghd curl hold spray. I also use the ghd air Saharan gold hairdryer with a diffuser now instead of blow-drying my hair straight. I use the diffuser to scrunch-dry my hair.

Do you have any fail-safe last minute beauty tips that always work/that you rely on? Is there a holiday hair hack you have that completely changes your life? Tips for keeping your hair healthy? How do you care for your curls in the sun?

I use the ghd heat protect spray with UV protection* so that my hair doesn’t get damaged from the sun.

I also use coconut oil for everything – face, hair, cooking! And I used it on the girls when they were babies instead of moisturiser, it makes skin so soft. I take it on holiday and use it for multiple purposes.

Do you prefer hair up or hair down?

Hair down is my favourite – but I wear it up a bit more as it’s easier to do myself.

What’s your favourite go-to hairstyle?

My favourite hair style at the moment is half up half down as it’s super easy to do.

How do you keep your hair looking as good on day three as it did on day one?

I use ghd root lift spray to give my hair some extra volume and diffuse it again to give it bounce.

Top hair tip to survive festivals?

Use dry shampoo and the ghd heat protect spray with UV protection to protect from sun damage while outdoors all day.

Best haircare tip you’ve been given? Wash it as little as possible to keep it healthy.

Is there anything you miss about straight hair?

I sometimes miss being able to run my fingers through it but apart from that I am loving my curly hair!

If you were going to shake up your hairstyle, or colour, what would you go for?

I like Balayage – light ends and a darker root. But I am trying not to do that at the moment, I’m not having any colour on my hair at the moment as I am really trying to look after it and improve the condition of it.

Have you struggled with festival hair styles in the past – learnt any new tricks or styling tips for this year’s Coachella?

I’ve learnt to use the ghd curl hold spray to enhance my curls, and to use hat elastic because you can fully control the shape of it and cut the exact amount that you want to use.


You spoke out last year about your decision to embrace your natural curls after something Alaia-Mai had said – were you surprised at the reaction it got on social media?

Yes – it wasn’t something that I thought would get so much pickup. I found out that a lot of people are in the same situation and have done the same thing since.

Do you think your decision to go curly has had a positive impact on how she sees herself?

Yes – she loves curly hair now that she has seen that I have curly hair and have started wearing my hair curly.

How has your beauty/ grooming regime changed this year? Does your haircare take less maintenance now that you’re not straightening it regularly and is it in better condition?

It takes a lot less maintenance and getting ready is loads quicker. It’s so nice to wash my hair and just diffuse it using the ghd air sharan gold hairdryer which is so quick and easy.

Curl Power

How has your beauty/ grooming regime changed this year? Does your haircare take less maintenance now that you’re not straightening it regularly and is it in better condition?

It takes a lot less maintenance and getting ready is loads quicker. It’s so nice to wash my hair and just diffuse it using the ghd air sharan gold hairdryer which is so quick and easy.

How do you keep your hair healthy now?

Lots of hair treatments and scalp massage – which feels nice and is good for that hair. I dry it using the ghd saharan gold air hairdryer plus diffuser to maximise my curls. The hairdryer has 3 heat settings so the temperature can be controlled and doesn’t get too hot. And then to define some curls that are around the front of my hair that haven’t come back to life yet I give them a little help with the tip of the ghd curve creative curl wand to add extra curls. I also make sure I protect my hair from sun damage by using the ghd heat protect spray with UV protection.

Why did you start sharing #curlslikeus? Where did the idea come from?

Initially I just wanted to get tips myself from other people and share things that I found helpful and then it just became a lot bigger than I thought. I started it in Feb and it’s got about 5000 tags already.

* not available in South Africa



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