Models ready for Wales Bonner show.

#ghdfashionweek: Wales Bonner

Join ghd behind the scenes at London Fashion Week and take a look at Wales Bonner's AW19 collection, with hair styled by Eugene Souleiman.

Wales Bonner’s AW19 Fashion Week show has been one of the most anticipated shows of the season, with a widespread, resounding air of excitement about the designer’s first foray into womenswear.

Recognized by many as one of the most innovative and trail-blazing designers of her generation, her experimental design aesthetic has seen her draw inspiration from a variety of art and cultural motifs (perfectly encapsulated by the fact that the location for the show is  the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, where she currently has an exhibition running), using these to convey her explorations of identity, spirituality, and expression in a way that continually pushes the boundaries of fashion.

Model close up.
Model close up.

This electric combination of ‘Harlem’ and ‘preppy’ is what gave ghd fashion week ambassador Eugene Souleiman the inspiration he needed to pay appropriate homage to Bonner’s disruptive collection. This was not a cohesive collection as far as the hair looks were concerned – each model’s hair was styled according to their natural texture, length, and style which resulted in a collection that felt as much like a celebration of culture as it did of diversity.

Model being styled by the team.
Model close up.
Two models before the show.

Get the Look:

The key to each models look for this show was to keep hair left natural and that products were used only to enhance the existing textures - not to sculpt or redefine them.

When it came to the models with afro hair, water was used and sprayed over the hair to make it easier to manage; a net was then placed over the hair and held against the head, followed by a ghd air® hair dryer with diffuser attachment , which was concentrated on this area to help mold the hair into the desired shape. The contoured hard fingers of the diffuser head lifted and separated the hair as it dried to create soft volume as well as giving a frizz-free finish to naturally curly hair. Once this shape had been achieved, the hair was then combed through with fingers to dial up the natural feel.

For all other male models, the same products were used - although in varying ways according to their hair length and style. Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me was applied to the hair when wet and combed through the lengths, followed by Wella Professionals EIMI Extreme Volume Mousse to give the hair extra grip. If the model had a head full of curls, each individual curl was twisted around the stylist’s finger to give it extra definition, before being spritzed with Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist to give luminosity and shine.

The non-afro haired female models at Bonner’s AW19 show were also treated to their own bespoke method of styling. While Perfect Me did come into play again, Wella Professionals Elements Conditioning Leave-In Spray was also used on the wet hair to give it a softness and give the curls added weight, allowing them to hold their shape better; Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift was then misted over the hair to seal the deal on the looks.

As well as the opportunity to work with a whole variety of hair textures and styles, what Eugene found so exciting about creating hair looks for Bonner’s AW19 show, was the fact that the hair itself carried so much symbolism. Whether it was the African feathers that were threaded through some of the styles, or the modern day Harlem-inspired buzz cuts, these hair looks, combined with Bonner’s breathtaking aesthetic, resulted in nothing less than pure catwalk magic.


Team styling model's hair.
Team styling model's hair.
Close up of model's hair.
Model dressed in the collection.
Close up of model.
Team styling model's hair.
Styling team working on model's hair.
Model close up.
Team style model's hair using ghd air hairdryer and diffuser.

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