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Counterfeit Faqs

Where can I buy genuine ghd products?

We recommend that you only buy ghd products from approved stockists.


Find an approved salon stockist in your area here.


You can shop directly from us here.


What are the risks of buying a ghd product from a retailer not approved by ghd?

There are fake websites online designed to trick consumers into believing they are paying for genuine luxury branded goods. Consumers may risk identity theft and fraud by shopping on these sites.


Make sure you aren’t giving you personal details away to criminals by using our guide to shopping safely online.


Remember that fake electrical goods are dangerous and may cause electrocution, serious burns and hair damage.


You can only redeem our two year guarantee if your styler is genuine. If your fake styler stops working, we won’t be able to fix it.

What is ghd doing about this problem?

We take consumer safety very seriously and it is our policy to investigate all information we receive about fake products.We have a full time international team that is dedicated to protecting the ghd brand and our customers.


We work closely with the Police, Customs and Trading Standards to protect consumers and we have successfully taken court action against people involved in the sale of counterfeit goods.


You can contact us with any useful information you may have.


I have already purchased a ghd product how can I check it is genuine?

We recommend that you register your styler with us to make sure it is genuine.


Please follow the on screen instructions and make sure you are entering all the requested details correctly.


Do fake sites advertise on search engines?

Websites selling fake goods do appear in search engine listings and sponsored results.


Follow our guide to shopping safely online and the advice on this pages to make sure you are not giving your personal details to criminals.


If you have any doubts-don’t buy!


Is it possible to buy genuine products on trade sites and auction sites?

We only recommend that you buy from a ghd-approved stockist.


Counterfeit goods are offered for sale on trade sites and auction sites and they can be very difficult to spot.


If you have any doubts-don’t buy!


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