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top tips for creating the perfect ponytail

When the sun comes out, hair goes up! Find out the expert tricks to perfecting your pony!

Remember the four P's! Preparation: make sure you have all your tools ready; Products: whether you're wearing your style sleek and straight or matte and grungey, prep hair with the right product; Placement: are you going to wear your ponytail high or low? And finally, Partings: try a deep side parting with your ponytail - as seen at Fashion Week! 


A simple trick to remember before styling your ponytail is that the higher you place it, the more striking your look will be and the lower it is, the softer your style!

Leah Walton, ghd Art Team

For a couture pony, blow-dry hair in the direction you’re going to tie it. This creates a smooth, high-fashion finish.

Leighanne Regan, ghd Art Team

For an absolutely perfect ponytail, tie hair up in two sections. Part your hair from ear to ear, where you’d put a head band, then secure the lower section into a ponytail. Brush through the top section and tie it into the existing ponytail. 

Lorna Moore, ghd Educator and Style Squad Mentor

Prevent a baggy ponytail by tipping your head backwards when you tie it. The tension will naturally fall in the direction you're tying your hair, leaving a smooth and polished finish.

Sam Ashcroft, ghd Style Squad 2012/2013

Mix the super-chic and grown-up pony with summer braids, as seen at David Koma SS13. It's a really fresh take on a classic style. 

Zoe Irwin, ghd Creative Director

Wrapping your ponytail is a great way to take your style from day to night. Loop your hair with the ends tucked under or pointing up, style into a rounded ballet bun, or try a classic double-knot.


Find the most flattering height for your ponytail by drawing an invisible line that follows the angle of your jawline to the back of your head. This is your perfect ponytail height!