Summer essentials - sunglasses, lipstick and ghd hairspray

Top Tips To
Perfect Your Hair
This Summer

Make sure you're rocking stylish and healthy hair this summer, with the ghd expert guide on maintaining your locks in the sunshine.  

This summer, make sure your hair is looking good and feeling healthy. Jumping in and out of the sea and having the sun beaming down on you all day can cause your hair to dry out or become unmanageable.

So to help you keep on top of your hair maintenance, we’ve enlisted the help of ghd experts Adam Reed and Zoe Irwin to get their top tips on getting the perfect hair this summer – whether you’re holidaying abroad, or just sitting out in the garden.

Follow these top tips and getting flawless summer styling will be effortless and easy.

ghd Global Brand Ambassdor Adam Reed's
top summer hair tips

“Summer is the best time to look at changing up your hair from both a trend and hair health perspective. Looser and more comfortable trends become fashionable and you can stop worrying about hat hair and dry, damaged locks from the central heating. Start to let your hair down and embrace this season’s shiny and conditioned styles…”

Get Cooler

"Cooling your hair when drying is much better for your scalp and also helps to set the look in place. The ghd air® hairdryer gives you the perfect flow when drying to create a stunning looseness and natural fullness like no other.

Use the Cool Button when drying - this helps lock your finished style in place with a blast of cold air!

One-Stroke Wonder

"Use the ghd platinum® styler which glides over your hair beautifully to create a smooth finish, while retaining volume and movement! After damage caused by the cold weather and central heating over the winter months, and showers from Spring, this one stroke wonder won’t cause any further damage and heats to 185 degrees - the proven optimum temperature for a styler to achieve the most benefit in the fewest strokes!"

Build Texture

"Go for bigger sections of the hair when drying and styling. Not only does this prevent further damage as the heat is spread across a wider surface area, but creates a more undone, chic look – a key trend for this season."

Summer scene with cactus and blue skies.
ghd Street Style - Coachella 2017

ghd UK Brand Ambassdor Zoe Irwin's top summer hair tips

Invest in a Paddle Brush

"Paddle brushes are key in the summer months. The big, flat shape is smoothing and anti-static, so it’s the ideal fix for hair that is still suffering from the wet and windy conditions of spring! Sweeping your ghd paddle brush along the scalp lightly can help stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Paddle brushes are also the gentlest form of brush. The rounded end ensures you cannot scratch the scalp and the evenly spread out plastic bristles cause less tension with fibre interaction when detangling to ensure the scalp isn’t damaged.”

Massage Your Scalp

"Massaging your scalp daily for 10 minutes has an incredible effect on the hair. It will relieve tension and also increase the blood flow for thicker, healthier, longer hair.”

Try A Treatment

"The key to protecting your hair whilst on holiday is to prep your hair in the months leading up to it. Make sure you start to apply regular treatments and masks, so that your hair is healthy.

Use the ghd advanced split end therapy in the weeks leading up to your holiday to help nourish and fortify damaged ends, leaving your hair feeling sleek, smooth and shiny. Use it every five washes before blow-drying and use a ghd styler to activate the ingredients.”



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