Your hair dryer isn't just for blasting your hair dry…choose from the new ghd professional hair dryer accessories range and take your style to the next level using only your hair dryer!

For curly-haired queens a diffuser is a styling kit essential - this must-have hair dryer nozzle encourages your natural curl pattern and teases hair for more volume. With contoured hard fingers to gently lift and separate the hair, the ghd hair dryer diffuser reduces the intensity of the airflow to enhance your natural texture. Designed in collaboration with top stylists, the ghd hair dryer diffuser is compatible with the ghd helios™ and air® hair dryers.

Cut down on drying time with long, thick hair with the ghd wide styling nozzle, compatible with the ghd helios™ hair dryer. Designed to concentrate the powerful airflow of the ghd helios™ hair dryer, this 88mm wide concentrator nozzle enables you to style larger* sections of hair for smooth, shiny results. Style long, thick hair with ease and achieve beautiful results with the ghd wide styling nozzle.

Lift and stretch naturally textured hair with the ghd helios™ hair dryer and the ghd professional comb nozzle for a beautiful blown out style, or to prep hair for further styling. This specialist hair dryer comb attachment is equipped with two rows of strengthened, tapered teeth to gently lift and shape textured, curly or coily hair types. The perfect hair dryer nozzle for a blown out look from root to tip!