Achieve the signature ghd look with ghd advanced split end therapy, our nourishing hair repair treatment. Rid your locks of any pesky split ends and keep them at bay so you can enjoy the healthy swish you and your hair deserve.

Developed by ghd’s scientists specifically for damaged hair repair, the unique Thermo-Marine Bonding System™ quickly repairs broken and brittle hair and binds hair fibres together. Our hair repair products will change your entire look, helping you to achieve luxuriously healthy and luscious hair from day one and keep it in check throughout all your future styling.

Our ghd advanced split end therapy – a lightweight cream that you massage through your hair – is activated by the heat of your styler, and has been perfectly designed to improve the overall condition of your hair, taking it from commonly damaged and brittle to the sought-after feeling of nourished and silky.

The Super Nutrient Complex formula completely coats each strand of your beloved locks to prevent any further damage or breakages, working to achieve durably strong, sleek and shiny results.

Partner this product with the ghd platinum+ styler to get even closer to your healthy hair desires.