3 ways to style short hair with bangs

Short hair anywhere. Create sleek styles for short hair with bangs using the ghd unplugged cordless styler wherever you are.

Pair with travel-friendly companions, the mini bodyguard heat protect spray and mini paddle brush - for safe, luxurious touch-up styling. Don't compromise the health of your hair even when on the go, by prepping with the mini bodyguard spray to protect your short locks. A touch-up styling saviour, create versatile looks with the ghd unplugged cordless hair straightener, whether it’s a quick refresh or a day-to-night switch up.

Need some no-strings attached styling inspo? Here's the low-down on three staple styles for short hair with bangs.



Guided by the mini paddle brush, glide the styler horizontally down the hair from the root, turning inwards at the ends to create a soft bevel. Complete the look using the same technique to add subtle, effortless volume to your bangs.


Step 1. Using the mini paddle brush angle the hair straightener horizontally

Place ghd mini paddle brush into the roots horizontally followed by ghd unplugged

Step 2. Turn hair straightener to create bevel

The styler inward a quarter turn to create a soft bevel on the ends of the hair

Step 3. Move the hair straightener down the hair

Glide the styler down the hair until reaching the ends

Step 4. Continue with technique

Carry on this technique when styling bangs to create soft volume and lift


If defined curls are more your style, prep hair first with the mini bodyguard spray, then pass through with the styler with the nose pointing down. For bangs, turn the hair straightener a quarter inwards and finger part for a flawless finish.


Step 1. Prep hair with heat protect spray

Mist the hair with ghd bodyguard heat protect spray throughout

Step 2. Angle hair straightener down vertically

Place the styler vertically into the roots with the nose pointing downwards

Step 3. Move the hair straightener down the hair

Glide the styler down the hair until reaching the ends

Step 4. Style bangs

On the bangs, turn the styler inwards with a quarter turn

Step 5. Finish style

Create a soft parting with your fingers


For undone waves, alternate the styler horizontally throughout the hair turning upwards and downwards. Seal a chic bend in the bangs by pressing between the styler in a C shape to finish the look.

Step 1. Angle the hair straightener horizontally

Place ghd unplugged horizontally into the roots

Step 2. Alternate turning the hair straightener

Alternate the styler half a turn downwards and half a turn upwards as you glide down the hair

Step 3. Continue technique

Carry on with this technique throughout hair

Step 4. Finish style

Push the corners of the bangs into a c-shaped bend and tap the styler over the hair to seal in the bend


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