Trick or treat? Keep it classic this Halloween with a cute but kooky clown look.

If you're feeling mischievous this Halloween, we have the perfect look for you - embrace your playful side with a spooky clown style and a textured, space-bun updo. Smooth your locks with the ghd glide hot brush to create the foundation of your look. Once all your hair is styled, create two even buns using elastics and grips, leaving the front sections loose to frame your face. Accessorize this tousled space-bun style with ribbons, temporary hair dye or glitter to take this look to the next level and show off your style.

Creepy, crazy or cute, these tousled space-buns are a fool-proof Halloween look.


Step 1: Using the ghd tail comb, create a centre parting down to the nape of the neck, dividing the hair in two.

Step 2: Take horizontal sections from the bottom of the head, working up.

Step 3: Place the ghd glide hot brush at the roots with the bristles facing outwards, then glide slowly through the hair to the ends.

Step 4: Continue this technique through each section, working upwards.

Step 5: Brush each of the two sections into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Step 6: Leave two face framing sections loose on either side.

Step 7: Using the ghd oval dressing brush, gently back brush the ponytails to add texture and volume.

Step 8: Wrap the ponytails around to form buns and pin to secure.

Step 9: Tease a few strands loose for an undone feel.