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How-to Hairstyles:
Modern Movement

Follow these simple step-by-steps to create soft curls and modern movement using the ghd platinum+ styler.

Channel the catwalk with bouncy, loose curls that will put you right in the limelight. The perfect party hairstyle, achieving soft tousled hair to a professional finish is a breeze with these easy curls. Locks with movement create a contemporary and chic style, so it’s time to get that on-trend look with an easy and effortless curly hairstyle.

Our range of ghd essentials promises long-lasting styling to help you create a truly luxurious look when curling hair. Choose the ghd platinum+ styler to craft perfect curls, finishing with the ghd curl hold spray and ghd final fix hairspray to maintain your look.

Use the ghd narrow dressing brush to add a touch of volume when you next curl your hair and reap the benefits of a natural bounce that lasts all night. For this look, you don’t need a curling wand - just your ghd straightener. Check out our guide on how to curl hair with a straightener to achieve plenty of movement and volume.

Here’s how to create soft curls with movement

1. Section hair.

2. Curl with your straightener.

3. Repeat on top section.

4. Style the front.

5. Gently brush out for loose curls.

step one: Section your hair

Divide your hair in two to create a top and a bottom section. If your locks are particularly thick you may need to section it into three. Mist your hair with ghd curl hold spray to shield it from the heat and ensure your curls stay in place.

step two: Curl with your straightener

Take a 2-inch section of hair from the lower section and place your ghd platinum+ styler at the root. Rotate it backwards - around 180° - and glide to the ends of your hair to create a curl. Work around your head to completely curl this bottom section. Be sure to curl in alternating directions to create a textured look.

step three: Curl the top section

Release the upper section and continue curling hair. You should be left with a row of defined curls.

step four: Style the front

Take your ghd platinum+ styler and curl the front strands. Always work from the parting and curl these away from your face to frame it.

step five: Gently brush out for loose curls

Take the ghd detangling comb and lightly brush through your curled hair. This should loosen the look into soft waves, creating extra volume and movement. Smooth any flyaways and keep the finished curls in place with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray.

Follow these tips to create gorgeous, curly hairstyles that move freely, with plenty of bounce.






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