Create show-stopping body with the ghd rise hot brush for an edge of iconic glamour.

Transform shorter styles with awe-inspiring body for a flawlessly chic look. Apply ghd total volume foam. Create a deep side part to add extra lift. Use the ghd rise to create perfect curls, getting close to the root at the crown sections for maximum lift. Tease roots with ghd narrow dressing brush. Once all your hair is styled, brush through your locks with the ghd oval brush to dress out the curls for the perfect finish. Fix with a hairspray to keep your style looking on point all day long.


Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_1_Grid.jpgSTEP 1

Apply ghd total volume foam

Prep your hair by applying ghd total volume foam to the roots.

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_2_Grid.jpgSTEP 2

Create a side part

Using the ghd narrow dressing brush, create a side part.



Section hair from front of ear

Section your hair to allow for easy styling.

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_4_Grid.jpgSTEP 4

Place ghd rise at root horizontally

For lift at crown, place the ghd rise at root and wrap hair away from your face.

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_5_Grid.jpgSTEP 5

Repeat until all hair has been curled

Repeat this technique around the head until all hair has been styled

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_6_Grid.jpgSTEP 6

Place ghd rise at the root

For lift at the crown, place the ghd rise at the root and wrap hair away from your face.

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_7_Grid.jpgSTEP 7

Tease roots using ghd narrow dressing brush

Once all hair is curled, tease roots with ghd narrow dressing brush.

ghd rise hair tutorialSTEP 8

Use ghd oval dressing brush

Dress out curls.

Full_Bodied_Volume_Step_9_Grid.jpgSTEP 9

Spritz with hairspray

Fix and tease your look with hairspray.