Hair trends by ghd ambassador, Zoe Irwin

Start 2020 on the right foot with this season's hottest hair trends. You don't have to change your entire look, just elevate it with a few transformative tricks or add a new style to your repertoire, to start your year feeling and looking fabulous.

Discover ghd ambassador, Zoe Irwin's top trends for 2020 and how to achieve flawless results, to begin your year with the confidence take on everything 2020 has in store.


“Glossy and polished pony tails are a huge trend for next year. We’ll see them move on from being high and lifted to a low and super-sleek pony in the nape of the neck. To achieve this look, always use a hair mask instead of a conditioner to add more hydration to the hair. To prep the hair before you blow-dry, I like to layer styling products. Seal in the smoothness while blow-drying and keep the ends super-straight. For the pony, pull the hair straight back or opt for a deep side parting. Make sure the parting is super sleek using a ghd tail comb. We are definitely seeing a change from more natural partings, now things are becoming very exact. My go-to tool for glossy and nourished hair is the ghd platinum+ – it gives incredible shine which is essential for this look.”


“Intricate, super-detailed braids are set to be one of next year’s biggest trends. We have moved on from the softness and playfulness in the braids – this season is dramatically different with a more groomed and polished elegance. The length of the braids we are seeing has doubled and the way they are put in is super tight. This is in line with the overall trend of hair being super groomed. The key to a super tight braid is to secure the hair using ghd total volume foam. To control the hair, braid while it’s still damp, hold the sections very tightly and secure with a clear hair band at the bottom. Always tie it tighter than you would think as it usually softens once you tie the band. Always ensure the braid has as much detail as possible. If you want to go for a micro braid at the parting, book in to a salon as you won’t be able to do this yourself.”


“This Parisian inspired look is a huge trend that is very flattering on all face shapes. I particularly love it worn with a velvet bow! Wearing the half up half down look gives you the ability to lift the crown of the hair to the back of the head which is super flattering on your profile. To create this look, start with a bouncy blow-dry using the ghd air® hairdryer, a ghd natural bristle brush size 2 and ghd smooth & finish serum. When the hair is dry, take a diamond-shaped section, starting of the front of the ear, and tease hair at the root. Take it to the back, leaving out an inch above the ears. Use a fine hair pin to secure and adorn with velvet, linen or leather bow for the uber-Parisian vibe.”


“Adult accessories will be even more popular next year. One of the strongest looks I feel will go through to dominate 2020 is adorning hair with head bands. They are almost like a modern-day tiara! We will continue to see jewel and pearl details and then of course the large velvet power hairbands, this is a key look that will go through AW into SS20. The key to keeping this look modern is the placement of the hairband. It looks fantastic with a center part, leaving the hair out in front of the band. Complement this look by adding a soft and seamless S-wave using the ghd curve® soft curl iron. Always check your profile and the back of the hair in a mirror to make sure you have a lifted crown with a soft wave throughout. Brush through the waves with a ghd oval dressing brush, creating a more polished finish rather than beachy.”



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