Steal the show with these gorgeous high-volume waves with the ghd rise hot brush.

Prep your hair with ghd total volume foam for maximum volume, then section with the ghd narrow dressing brush before styling with the ghd rise. The key to creating uniform waves is a consistent technique, but if you want your style to look more natural and textured, alternate your styling direction with each wave. Always remember to style away from the face at the front sections to frame your features. Once all your hair is waved, tease the look with ghd oval dressing brush to suit your style and lock it in place with a hair spray for a look that lasts all night long.


Root_Lift_Waves_Step_1_Grid.jpgStep 1:

Prep hair with ghd total volume foam

Apply ghd total volume foam to hair.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_2_Grid.jpgStep 2:

Create a middle part

Create a middle part with the ghd narrow dressing brush.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_3_Grid.jpgStep 3:

Section your hair

Take a small section from the side of your ear for easy styling.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_4_Grid.jpgStep 4:

Place rise at root and wrap hair around barrel

Pointing up, place, the ghd rise at the root vertically and wrap your hair around the barrel. Hold for 5-8 seconds.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_5_Grid.jpgStep 5:

Hold for 5-8 seconds

Hold for 5-8 seconds before gliding the ghd rise out by a few inches.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_6_Grid.jpgStep 6:

Loop under hair

Loop the hair under the ghd rise.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_7_Grid.jpgStep 7:

Re-wrap hair around barrel

Re-wrap the hair around the barrel, hold for 5-8 seconds then glide to the ends of your hair.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_8_Grid.jpgStep 8:

Continue technique across entire head

Continue this technique throughout until all the hair has been waved.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_9_Grid.jpgStep 9:

Create lift at crown

To create lift at the crown, place the ghd rise horizontally at the root. Wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds, then unwind.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_10_Grid.jpgStep 10:

Backcomb roots

Backcomb the roots of your hair with the ghd narrow dressing brush.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_11_Grid.jpgStep 11:

Brush out the waves

Using the ghd oval dressing brush, gently brush through your hair.
Root_Lift_Waves_Step_12_Grid.jpgStep 12:

Lock in your style

To finish, spritz with a finishing hair spray to lock in your style.