Hairstyles from ghd | The latest hairstyle and haircut trends for 2014

Try easy-texture, romantic waves or an exaggerated beehive and update your look with the hottest hairstyles for 2014!


Carefree. Nonchalant. Irreverent. Say hello to your new texture.

Created by Kenna for London College of Fashion MA Show AW13

SMOOTH Start 1/4 of the way down the hair and run a styler straight down to the ends to create shine and definition.

DIRECT Part hair at the crown - like a doll (!) and blow-dry hair in a forwards direction. This creates airy movement around the face.

TEXTURE Use your styler to create a bend through the front section of hair then spritz hairspray into hands and massage over hair.


Conjure up a little romance with some undone waves. Pretty.

FOAM UP Apply volumising foam to towel-dried hair and work through with a detangling comb

PIN & SET Release the twist, clamp with a styler for 6 seconds, and then pin together at the scalp.

DRY IN Use a hairdryer to rough-dry the foam into your hair - this adds longevity to the style.

WAVE Once cooled, remove pins and twist hair as you undo it to encourage the wave to form.

FINGER CURL Take a small section of hair, and wrap it around your fingers.

STYLE & SET Brush through to break up the texture, then mist with hairspray for soft waves.


An exaggerated and swirling updo with a nod to the nineties.

Created by Kenna for PPQ at London Fashion Week AW13

PREP Create the foundation for your power-hive and spritz damp hair with root lift spray.

IT'S A WRAP Wind large sections of hair around the donut to create a swirling effect. 

FOUNDATION Tie the top section of hair into a ponytail and secure around a large donut.

FRINGE Use a styler to bevel the front section of hair, then sweep it back to create height.

BUILD Pull the ends of the ponytail into the donut until a large bun has formed. 

FINISH Add a solid finish to this super-sized hive and mist generously with hairspray. 



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