How-to Step-by-Steps:
Platinum Sleek

Get ultimate straight hair results without compromising the health of your hair* with the ghd platinum® styler. 

Sleek hair has been made simple. If you’re looking for a go-to straight hairstyle, achieve maximum style with the platinum sleek look. Channel that chic catwalk look when straightening hair and create salon-standard lustrous locks with the ghd toolkit

Get guilt-free straight hair styling with the ghd platinum® styler. Using tri-zone® technology that maintains a safer-for-hair heat from root to tip, your sleek straight hair can be stylish and healthy in one glide.

Perfect your long straight hairstyle and follow this simple step-by-step guide by ghd to achieve that platinum sleek look.

How to create platinum sleek straight hair

1. Prepare hair with heat protect spray

2. Create parting and section hair from crown to ears and clip

3. Put 4cm hair section in styler and glide from roots to end at 90-degree angle

4. Repeat until all hair is straight

step 1: Prepare the hair with ghd style heat protect spray – evenly spread the spray to ensure all the hair is covered. 

step 2: Select your desired parting and using the ghd tail comb, section the hair from the crown to your ears and clip away the back sections. 

step 3: Starting from the front, take a 4cm horizontal section of hair. Place the ghd platinum® styler at root of the section of hair, behind the ghd tail comb. Maintaining a 90-degree angle, gently close the styler and smoothly glide from roots to ends following the comb.

TIP: Don’t worry about any steam that comes off your hair – it’s only excess moisture! 

step 4: Repeat step 3 throughout the hair until you have achieve straight hair across your whole head.

TIP: Use a ghd tailcomb when straightening your hair to keep tension. This will help smooth your straight hair out. 

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