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modern bardot

The swinging 60s was all about sultry style, so support decade’s go-to look in the 21st century for the ultimate in half updo hair perfection. Brigitte Bardot was renowned for pairing beautiful wavy hair with a chic backcombed updo, creating a look that defined the idea how to style hair. But this is an updo look that doesn’t deserve to be left in the past – ghd has given the Bardot a millennial makeover to make it the perfect look for the girl of today.

Up your style game with the modern Bardot and make it your look this season. Follow our step-by-step guide and achieve alluring panache. 

Here’s how to create a modern Bardot hairstyle

1. Prep hair with curl hold spray

2. Dry product in

3. Create centre parting

4. Create diagonal section of hair

5. Divide into sub-sections

6. Place hair in styler, rotate and glide through

7. Curl defined

8. Repeat across head

9. Loosen curls with fingers

10. Section at crown and backcomb 

11. Secure with pins 

step one: Prep hair with curl hold spray

Get the perfect prep by spritzing dry hair with ghd curl hold spray

step two: Dry product in

Dry the product into the hair using the ghd air® hairdryer. 

step three: Create centre parting

Using the ghd paddle brush, create a centre parting. 

step four: Create diagonal section of hair

Section hair in a diagonal direction from the parting to the nape. 

step five: Divide into sub-sections

Take the section of hair you have just created and divide into sub-sections. 

step six: Place hair in styler, rotate and glide through

Place one of the sub-sections of hair between ghd platinum® styler plates, then holding the styler in the same diagonal direction, slowly rotate 360 degrees and gently pull through to the ends of the hair.

step seven: Curl defined

This technique creates a defined curl. 

step eight: Repeat across head

Repeat step six until all the hair has been curled. 

step nine: Loosen curls with fingers

Create a voluminous wave by loosening and stretching the curls with your fingertips. 

step ten: Section at crown and backcomb 

To give your Bardot some volume, section the hair at the crown and lightly backcomb to create height. 

step eleven: Secure with pins

Secure and pin this section together. 

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